How to Leave your Guild in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How to Leave Guild in Ragnarok M eternal love

Joining a guild in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is very essential as it provides you with lots of benefits such as your Aesir Monument Runes and Valhalla Ruins . You should join a decent Guild with active members as soon as you can.

It might be a little confusing to beginners how to leave your current Guild, as it’s not just a simple button in the Guild settings window. In addition, there are several penalties after leaving a guild. This guide will teach you all about it.

Here’s how to leave your Guild in Ragnarok Mobile.

1. Go to your Guild Hall

Click Settings —> Guild —> Enter Hall

To leave your guild go to Guild Hall

2. Talk to Guild Manager

Walk up to the stairs near Guild Donation NPC and find the Guild Manager NPC.

Select leave guild after talking to Guild Manager in Guild Hall

3. Select Leave Guild

Finally, talk to the Guild Manager NPC and tell him to “Leave Guild.” You’ll be prompted with a confirmation screen.

Leave guild confirmation window

That’s it! Again, it could have been just a button in the Guild window UI, but I guess the devs just love making NPCs for simple mundane tasks such as changing your channel .

Penalties for Leaving a Guild

Here are some of the penalties for leaving a guild:

  • You won’t be able to join a new guild for the next 8 hours
  • After joining a new guild, you have to wait 24 hours before you can do Guild Quests, Donations and Dojo
  • After joining a new guild, you have to wait until the next Monday reset to enter Valhalla Ruins

In addition, here are some of the most common questions asked about leaving a Guild.

Q: What happens to my Contributions and Runes when I leave my Guild?

A: Your Guild Contributions/Medals and Runes will remain the same. It’s not true that all Contributions will disappear if you leave your Guild.

Q: What happens to my Guild Blessings/Prayers when I leave my Guild?

A: Your Guild Blessing/Prayers will also remain unaffected.

3 thoughts on “ How to Leave your Guild in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

  1. I’ve noticed that if you leave guild, you do lose a small percentage of your contributions. My 9000 contributions went to like 7000 ish when I left my guild last month. (This was on Global). It wasn’t a lot, maybe 20-30%. I’m not sure if its determined by the amount you have remaining or your level. So I suggest spending your contributions if you can, even on random runes. If you don’t have a lot, then it’s fine I guess. That’s just my observation. I might test it again using an alt character.

  2. it’s been 2-week seems I left my previous guild and still I can’t enter at the Valhalla ruins in my current guild

    IGN: jhanna

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