Episode 6.0 Patch Notes: Lighthalzen, Rune System, Mounts, Super Novice & More

Ragnarok Mobile Light and Shadow Lighthalzen Episode 6 Patch

The Episode 6.0 Patch for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love titled Light and Shadow brings in LOTS of new features and content for all adventurers!

This article will tell you everything you need to know and how to prepare fo the upcoming EP 6.0 update.

Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6.0 Release Date

Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 patch notes and release date

In their latest announcement, Ragnarok Mobile has announced that Episode 6.0 will be released to SEA servers on October 30, 2019, just four months after the release of Episode 5.


Episode 6.0 Patch Notes

Here’s the list of all the new content that will be available to the game once it launches.

Lighthalzen Town and Bio Lab Dungeon Maps

In Episode 6, players will now be able to access Lighthalzen town along with a new main story quest. (Related: How to Go to Lighthalzen and Bio Lab Maps)

Lighthalzen Town Map Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6

Lighthalzen is home to scientists and research facilities, such as the Bio Lab (a.k.a. Life Institute) facility which contains the ghosts of humans from failed experiments.

Bio Lab dungeon Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 Dopplegangers

These new maps will bring in a lot of new farming spots with new monsters and cards to hunt!

Full Guide:

Super Novice Job Class

Episode 6 introduces the new Super Novice job class!

If you’re not familiar with the classic Ragnarok Online games, Super Novice is a “for-fun” class that can learn any skill from all of the 1st-job classes. They are also able to equip different kinds of weapons and gears.

Super Novice class Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6

This makes for some fun theory-crafting on how you want to build your Super Novice. Imagine how satisfying it would be to fight with 3rd Job Classes in PvP!

After reaching T2 Job Level 70, you will be able to job change into a “Super Novice” as the 3rd job change class.

New Job Exclusive Mounts

Full Guide: How to Unlock Job-Exclusive Mounts for All Classes

Finally—everyone, and I mean everyone, can now ride their own mounts!

From Porings to Alpacas to Nine Tails, all job classes will now have their own job-exclusive mounts.

Ragnarok Mobile Exclusive Mounts for All Job Classes Episode 6

Upon reaching 3rd Job class, you can take the quest to unlock the Mount system and purchase your mounts specific for your class.

The quest to unlock Mounts requires a lot of normal and rare materials. We highly recommend hoarding them ahead of time before the prices skyrocket!

Check out our guide here for the complete list.

New Advanced Rune System

Full Guide: Advanced Rune System Guide (How to Activate, Combine, Obtain Runes)

The Advanced Rune System is an entirely new Rune system in addition to the Aesir Monument.

In this Rune system, you will collect “Skill Runes” and “Stat Runes” that can enhance your skills’ effects and stat attributes.

Activated Skill Runes Ragnarok Mobile

You can combine, upgrade and re-roll the stats of your Runes to obtain your desired effects.

Then, you can activate them by placing them in a certain position.

It’s a rather long and expensive process, but the bonuses are worth it! Check out our complete guide to the new Rune system for more details.

“Homeland” — New Housing System

Full Guide: Ultimate Guide to Housing System: How to Unlock, Tips & Tricks

Who would have thought we’ll be able to play The Sims or Animal Crossing on Ragnarok Mobile?!

Homeland house system Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6

In the new “Homeland” feature, players will be able to build their own hideouts—craft new items and design your home with different items such as furniture or photo frames.

You’ll also be able to invite friends over to your humble abode and brag about your sofa and TV set!

New Pets (Obtained by Taming Items and Pet Fusion)

Full Guide: How to Catch New Pets (100% Success Rate + Pet Fusion)

In Episode 6.0, we’ll be able to catch and obtain ten (10) new Pets. This includes one Mini Boss, Orc Baby, and one MVP pet, Moonlight Flower.

How to Catch Pets Taming Items Pet Fusion Episode 6 Ragnarok Mobile

Three of these Pets are 1-Star Pets and can be caught via taming items, while the rest of the 2-Star and 3-Star Pets are obtained through Pet Fusion.

Related Guide: List of Pet Skills for New Pets in Episode 6.0

Thanatos Tower Dungeon

A new dungeon instance called the Thanatos Tower will be available on Episode 6.

Thanatos Tower Ragnarok M eternal Love

This raid will require a 12-man party and works similar to the Endless Tower.

Work together as a team to clear the dungeon and receive S-Rank Runes as rewards! (See Advanced Rune System Guide above.)

Armor Synthesis

In Episode 5, a new feature called Weapon Synthesis was added to the game where players can combine weapons with materials to obtain a new more powerful weapon.

This time in Episode 6.0, it’s all about Armors!

Armor Synthesis Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6

Armor Synthesis will be available in the new patch with dozens of new Armor equips for players to fuse.

Other Changes and New Mechanics

Finally here are some more notable changes and new mechanics coming to Episode 6:

  • Max Base Level 130, Max Job 70 (third jobs)
  • Stats will now increase immunity and resistance to debuffs
  • Buffs and nerfs to certain job skills
  • Offhand items can now be enchanted
  • Magic Attack (MATK) is now included in damage computation of Dragon Breath, Acid Demonstration and Acid Terror
  • Equipment can now be deposited in Handbook


Which new features and content are you looking forward to? Got any questions? Drop a comment down below.

Hopefully this guide has helped you prepare for the upcoming Episode 6.0 content.

Happy grinding and see you in Lighthalzen!

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  1. Magic Attack (MATK) is now included in damage computation of Dragon Breath, Acid Demonstration and Acid Terror.

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