[EP6.0] Advanced Rune System Guide (How to Activate, Combine, Obtain Runes)

Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6.0 Advanced Rune System Guide

The Advanced Rune System is a new system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love available in the Episode 6.0 patch. It’s an entirely new system in addition to the old Aesir Monument Rune System .

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the new advanced Rune System in Ragnarok Mobile—from how to unlock it, how to obtain Runes, and how to activate them.

How to Unlock the New Rune System

To unlock the Rune system, we need to complete a quest first and obtain the item called Rune Box.

Talk to Thomasville Ecclesia Archbishop NPC outside Prontera Cathedral to start the quest called Rune’s Power.

You need to be at least Level 80.

How to unlock EP 6 Rune system: talk to NPC in Prontera Cathedral and complete the quest

Once done, you’ll receive the item Coffers of Rune Advanced Rune System Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 Rune Box . This item allows you to view and manage your Runes.

There are two types of Runes: Skill Runes (large) and Stat Attribute Runes (small).

What are Skill Runes?

Skill Runes enhance the power of your job’s skills. For example, a Rune Knight skill rune can increase the damage of Dragon Breath.

There are three levels of Skill Runes, from least to most powerful:

  • Class B Skill Rune Ragnarok Mobile Ep 6.png Class B (Green)
  • Class A Skill Rune Ragnarok Mobile Ep 6.png Class A (Blue)
  • Class S Skill Rune Ragnarok Mobile Ep 6 Class S (Violet)

You can combine three (3) Skill Runes together for a chance to get a higher level Rune, e.g. A + A + A = S. More details in “How to Upgrade Skill Runes” section below.

If you’re lucky, some Skill Runes can also have a rare yellow “Star” attribute, which indicates that the rune has better and higher stats than normal. (Think of it like 4th enchantments!)

You can activate three Skill Runes at a time. However, they don’t work on their own. To activate one Skill Rune, you’ll need a set of three Stat Runes. (More below)

What are Stat Runes?

Stat Attribute Runes give you a set of bonus increased stats.

They are divided into three types similar to Praying Cards :

  • Attack Stat Rune Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 Attack (Red)
  • Defense Stat Rune Ragnarok Mobile Ep 6 Defense (Blue)
  • Buff Stat Rune Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 Buff (Yellow)

Stat Runes can be upgraded from Level 1 to 10 by fusing/combining several pieces of the same type. (Related: Complete List of Attribute Runes )

Now, let’s learn how to use and activate these runes.

How to Activate Skill Runes (Inlaying Runes)

To activate the Skill Runes, open your Rune Box item and open the Inlaying Runes tab.

Here you can place the Skill Runes in any of the three large circles. The small circles are for the Stat runes.

Skills and Stat runes positions Ragnarok Mobile Ep 6

Here’s the tricky part! Each Skill Rune (large rune) requires three Stat Runes (small runes).

You need to place the three required Stat Attribute runes in any order around the Skill Rune to activate it.

The three requirements are indicated by the colors of the three dots.

How to activate Skill Rune Ragnarok Mobile EP 6 1

Furthermore, the three middle Stat runes are reused by their adjacent Skill Runes.

So it’s a puzzle and it’s up to you to figure out how to position your Runes to get your desired effects. Remember, the order of the three smaller runes around the Skill Rune doesn’t matter as long as the requirements are met.

Once you’ve positioned them correctly the large Skill Runes will light up and their effects are now activated.

Activated Skill Runes Ragnarok Mobile

Now that you know the two types of Runes and how to use them, this time we’ll teach you how to obtain and upgrade them.

How to Obtain Skill Runes & Stat Attribute Runes

Both types of Runes can be obtained from:

  • Rune Stones for Skill Rune
  • Rune Packs/Box for Stat Attribute Runes

Rune Stones and Rune Packs can be obtained by purchasing from the Rune Shop NPC in Prontera, from Thanatos Tower loots, or from BCC Shop.

These stones and bags are the raw forms of the Runes and must be identified or opened to become usable.

Rune Materials shop Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 1

They are sold for different currencies. You can only purchase a limited amount per week.

Obtaining Skill Runes (Rune Stones)

To get Skill Runes, you first need to obtain unidentified Rune Stones. This is the initial raw form of the Skill Rune.

There are three types of Rune Stone and here’s how to obtain them:

Rune Stone Where to Get Cost
Class B Rune Ragnarok Mobile
Faint Rune Stone
Class B Skill Rune
Rune Shop NPC,
Thanatos Dungeon
100,000 zeny
Class A Rune Ragnarok Mobile
Smooth Rune Stone
Class A Skill Rune
Rune Shop NPC,
Thanatos Dungeon
250,000 zeny
Class S Rune Ragnarok Mobile
Glittering Rune Stone
Class S Skill Rune
BBC Shop 15 BCC

How to Identify Rune Stones

Rune Stones can be identified and unpacked using a Magnifying Glass Advanced Rune System Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 Magnifying Glass available at the Item Shop NPC for 1,000 zeny each.

To identify Rune Stones, just open your Rune Box item and go to Identifying Runes tab. You can choose between identifying individually or by groups (Single or Continuous).

Once identified, it will reveal the skill bonus and the stat bonuses it gives.

Unlock raw Skill Runes by identifying them with a Magnifying Glass

The rune’s skill bonus may belong to any random job class, but don’t worry! In the next section we’ll teach you how to convert them into a rune that fits your current job class.

Obtaining Stat Attribute Runes

Related Guide: Complete List of Stat Attribute Runes

For Stat Runes , you need to buy Seald Rune Pack I from the Rune Shop NPC which gives you one (1) random Stat Attribute Rune when opened.

You can buy them using Zeny, Gold Medals, Guild Contributions, or Glow Metals from the Rune Shop NPC beside Refine NPC in Prontera.

Again they are limited per week, so make sure to buy as many as you can weekly.

Rune Bags which gives a random Stat Rune

You can also buy the Old Rune Box item from the BCC Shop for 6 BCC which allows you to choose your desired Stat Rune.

Opening the Rune Pack/Box will give you a random Stat Rune, either Attack, Defense or Buff (similar to Praying Card Packs ).

Stat Runes Ep 6 Ragnarok Mobile

The blue number on the lower-left of Stat Runes are their corresponding level. You can combine several Stat Runes of the same type to increase their level. You can do this in your Coffer of Runes item.

To purchase all available Skill and Stat Runes per week, here’s the estimated total cost:

  • ~2 million Zeny
  • ~25 Glow Metal
  • ~4000 Guild Contributions
  • ~13 Gold Medals

Related Guides: ( Zeny Farming Guide / How to Obtain Gold Medals and Contributions )

How to Upgrade Skill Rune Level (B, A, S)

As you now know, Skill Runes are ranked by Class Level, from lowest to highest: B, A and S.

The higher the level of the Rune, the better the skill and bonus effects.

Ideally you will want to max your Runes up to Class S, as most of the best skill runes require a Class S rune.

Combine three Skill Runes to upgrade their class level Ragnarok Mobile

You can combine three (3) Skill Runes to upgrade them to a higher class level. For example, combining three Class B runes can give you one Class A Rune.

To do this, talk to the Rune Upgrade NPC in Prontera (near Hollgrehenn).

Here is the table of probability for all Skill Rune combinations:

Combination Result
B + B + B 60% Chance A rune
B + B + A 20% Chance S rune
B + A + A 45% Chance S rune
B + A + S 80% Chance S rune
B + S + S 90% Chance S rune
A + A + A 70% Chance S rune
A + A + S 85% Chance S rune
A + S + S 95% Chance S rune
S + S + S 100% Chance S rune

How to Obtain Class-Specific Skill Runes (Precision Smelting)

Skill Runes are not always related to your current job class.

However, you can combine five Skill Runes to get a 100% guaranteed rune that fits your current job class. Just talk to Rune Smelting NPC “Bein” in Prontera, near Hollgrehenn. Each re-roll costs 20,000 zeny.

So, if you are using a Sorcerer character, combining five Skill Runes with this method gives you a Sorcerer skill rune.

Combine five Runes to get Class Specific Rune 2

The Class level of the resulting rune depends on the quality of the combined materials.

Each Rune class adds a 20% chance to get that same class.

Here are some examples:

  • A + A + A + S + S = 60% chance A rune and 40% chance S rune
  • S + S + S + S + S = 100% chance S Rune

How to Re-Roll the Stats of a Skill Rune

Finally, you can gamble and re-roll the stat bonuses of a Skill Rune from the Rune Upgrade NPC in Prontera.

You can do this by combining three (3) similar Skill Runes of the same name.

Combine three similar Skill Runes to get new stats and 3rd Stat

This method is similar to Enchanting equips in Geffen where you can get better or worse stats. So always pray to RNG-esus before sacrificing your three runes!

There is also a small chance to unlock the special 3rd stat of a Skill Rune. Again, this is similar to the 4th Enchantment of your gears.

FAQs about Advanced Rune System

Can I store Runes in Kafra Storage?

You can store Rune Stone and Rune Bags to Kafra Storage. So you can use your alt characters to buy them.

Can alternate characters use the Rune System?

Once you have unlocked the Coffer of Runes item, it is shared among your alternate characters.

Novice and 1st Job Class characters can only use the Stat Runes. While 2nd Job class and above can use Skill Runes.

Can I reset Advanced Runes?

Yes, for free.

Can I use the same Skill Rune multiple times?

No, all three Skill Runes must have a unique effect. You can use any combination of Rune classes though (e.g. three Class S Skill Runes).

Can I save the Runes to Ymir’s Notebook?


What happens when I switch to multi-job class?

The Runes will be reset, however you can always save your setup in the Ymir’s Notebook so it’s more convenient.


That’s all you need to know about the new Advanced Rune System coming to Ragnarok Mobile in its Episode 6 update!

What are your thoughts on the new EP 6 Rune System? Which skill runes are you looking forward to craft first?

Got any questions? Drop a comment down below!

Image Credits: BoM丶波比 , Jhoven Gardon

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