How to Get 4th Enchantment (ex. Morale) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

How to get 4th enchantment morale from Mora Cat Friend NPC in Geffen

Have you always wondered how some items get those 4th enchantments such as Morale or Sharp Blade that give powerful bonus effects?

In this quick guide we’ll teach you how to unlock Advanced enchantments and how to get that 4th enchantment for your gear.


In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Enchantment is one of the many methods to enhance your gears to give them a random set of powerful effects and stat bonuses. (Related: List of all Enchantment Stat Bonuses )

If you’re still not familiar with the basics of enchantment and the other methods of improving your equips, we highly recommend checking out the Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, Enhancing, Refining & Enchanting .

We also recommend checking out our complete Guide to Enchantments for more info on enchanting in general.

Now, how do we get the 4th enchantment? First things first—you need to unlock Advanced enchantment .

How to Unlock Advanced Enchantment

At Level 70, you can unlock Advanced enchantments by doing a quest from Cat Friend (Mora) NPC in Geffen.

Basic Intermediate Advanced enchantments from Cat Friend Mora NPC in Geffen

The quest will require you 3 Light Granules, 3 Star Crumbs, and 3 Parts. You can buy them from the Exchange or do Pet Adventures or Endless Tower to obtain them.

Advanced enchantments are the only enchantment that’s worth doing—don’t bother with Basic and Intermediate.

They cost 4 Mora Coins and 20,000 Zeny per attempt, so it can get a little expensive but it’ll be worthy investment!

How to Get a 4th Enchantment

How to get Morale 4th enchantment by getting the correct combination of enchantments

Advanced enchantments will give you a set of 3 random bonus stats per attempt, plus a rare chance to get a 4th special effect called the 4th enchantment if you get a certain combination of enchantment stats.

Here’s a list of all possible 4th enchantments and their required stat combinations:

Enchant Combination Effect Amount
Morale = STR + ATK Ignore Def 5%~20%
CastInc = INT + M.Atk C.T. Reduc. 2.5%~10%
Arch = DEX + Hit Ranged Atk Inc. 2.5%~10%
Sharp = AGI + LUK Crit.Dmg Inc. 5%~20%
Sharp Blade = ASPD + Dmg Inc. Melee Atk Inc. 2.5%~10%
Tenacity = Crit + Def Physical Dmg Reduc. 2.5%~10%

Also note that the item needs to be refined to at least +6 in order to activate the special effect. Gears below +6 refinement can still get the 4th enchantment but it won’t have any effect.

But seriously, how do I get a 4th Enchantment?

One word— luck .

Just keep enchanting your favorite items and pray to RNGesus to bless you with the best enchantment combinations and hope to get a 4th enchantment that’s useful for your class and build.

There is no secret trick or ritual to getting the 4th enchant, you just need lots and lots of Mora coins, Zeny and luck.

Happy grinding!

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  1. i have a question: I enchanted my OHH and got STR + ATK + Flee but it didnt unlock a 4th enchant. is this some kind of a bug?

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