How to Get Lots of Adventure Meatballs (and Why You Should)

adventure meatball ragnarok mobile eternal love

You probably have a lot of Adventure Meatballs (a.k.a. Adventure Riceballs) in your bag and are wondering where to use them. They are actually one of the best resources in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love!

You can use Adventure Meatballs to farm materials, rare loots cards and equips, or to gain lots of EXP—all without doing any grinding! This guide will teach you how to get Adventure Meatballs and where to use them.


Adventure Meatballs are used for:

  • Pet Adventure — farm rare loots like Raccoon Leaf and cards
  • Instant Time Rifts — great source of rare equips and accessories
  • Instant Board Quests — for easy free EXP
  • Instant Training Grounds
  • Clear a few Endless Tower floors

Adventure Meatballs can be obtained from:

  • Reaching 20 Assistant Intimacy points
  • Clicking on your Pet frequently
  • Pet Labor (Cooking Center)
  • Pet Adventure Rewards
  • Buy from Big Cat Coin Shop

Pets are a great source of Adventure Meatballs so make sure to catch several Pets as soon as you can!

Where to use Adventure Meatballs

1. Pet Adventure

Full Guide: Guide to Pet Adventure

pet adventure guide ragnarok mobile eternal love

The first usage of Meatballs is Pet Adventure.

By sending your Pets to adventures you receive region Chests which contain rare and expensive items like Raccoon Leaf, Four-Leaf Clover and valuable cards.

This is one of the best methods to earn passive income since you can do it anytime, anywhere—just open your Pet Adventure Guide book from your inventory!

2. Holy Grails for Instant Rifts

Full Guide: How to Clear Time Rifts Instanly

instantly clear time rifts in ragnarok mobile using purification holy grails

The second best use of Adventure Meatballs is for buying Holy Grails used to instantly clear Time Rifts.

Time Rifts are another great method to obtain expensive equips and accessories you can use for your character or sell on the Exchange. At early levels I made my first fortune farming Flower Rings in West Prontera Rifts.

However, higher level Rifts are difficult to clear and time consuming. Using Purification Holy Grails to instantly clear time rifts is way more efficient.

3. Instant Dailies

Aside from Time Rifts, you can also buy items that instantly finish dailies such as Board Quests, Training Grounds, and even a few Endless Tower floors.

mercenarys mission item ragnarok mobile eternal love training ground monster report item ragnarok mobile eternal love ancient tower golden ejector endless tower ragnarok mobile eternal love

As you can see, Adventure Meatballs are perfect for players who are busy or lazy, or both, like me!

Here are several ways on how to collect lots of Adventure Meatballs.

How to get lots of Adventure Meatballs

1. Reach 20 Intimacy with Assistant

Full Guide: Guide to Assistants

Very easy! Just clear a few Assistant tasks like board quests or Time Rifts, and your Assistant will reward you 5 Adventure Meatballs at 20 Intimacy.

adventure meatballs rewards from assistant 20 intimacy

Don’t forget to click on the Assistant rewards to claim them.

2. Click your Pet frequently

Pets are a great source of Adventure Meatballs so make sure to catch several Pets as soon as you can.

Pet indicator for Adventure Meatball

Just click on your Pet when the “Gift” icon appears above their heads. It will give you 4 Adventure Meatballs up to 5 times a day, for a total of 20 Meatballs per day. Premium users get double that amount, for a total of 40 Adventure Meatballs per day.

3. Send a Pet to the Cooking Center Pet Labor

Full Guide: Guide to Pet Labor

adventure meatball reward in cooking center pet labor ragnarok mobile eternal love

At Level 70 you will unlock the Cooking Center workplace in the Pet Labor. Drop a pet there as soon as you can, preferably a Poring or a Petite with Level 10 Cooking skill for maximum efficiency.

You will get 1 Adventure Meatball every few minutes as rewards in the Cooking Center.

4. Rewards from Pet Adventures

adventure meatball rewards from pet adventure

Unlocking new areas in Pet Adventures gives Adventure Meatballs as rewards. Creating alternate accounts is a great way to obtain new sets of free Meatballs too, since new characters will have to unlock their own higher-level areas as well.

5. Buy them at the Big Cat Coin Shop

adventure meatballs in big cat coin shop

Lastly, you can buy Adventure Meatballs at the Big Cat Coin Shop at 6 Meatballs per Big Cat Coin.

Thank you to matalas in the comments section for pointing this out!


Adventure Meatballs are one of the best resources in the game, especially for busy or lazy people who don’t want to grind.

What’s the best use of Adventure Meatballs in your opinion and why? Leave a comment down below!

8 thoughts on “ How to Get Lots of Adventure Meatballs (and Why You Should)

  1. Pets are able to give you a maximum of 20 meatballs a day.
    So if I have 3 pets, it will be 60? Is it dependent on the different pets you have?

    1. I haven’t confirmed it yet but based from what I read, It’s per character not per pet. So if you have 3 characters you can get 60 for non-premium, 120 for premium, per day.

      1. Getting premium is per character as well, just to clarify. so its 40 – Main, 40 for the two alts . 120 if all of those chars are in premium which is a little bit over. haha

  2. hey man, lately ive been visiting your website frequently.

    it is really useful for me, tho ive been reached a transcendent job.
    i dont really know about meatball, ET, etc. even i didnt know that meatball can clear quest board instantly. thanks man.

    hope you’ll added more articles about RO, especially ET.

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