How to Get Smokie Badge and Redeem All Rewards

How to Get Smokie Badge and Redeem all rewards for September event

Throughout this September’s event in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Smokie Badges will be rewarded through daily quests and events. They are used to redeem rewards from the Smokie Badge Shop.

How many Smokie Badges do we need to redeem all the rewards and how can we obtain them? Read this guide to find out!

Smokie Badge Shop

Here’s the list of rewards that you can redeem from the Smokie Badge shop:

Item Price Limit Total Cost
Truancy Crown Blueprint 700 1 700
Flying Wisdom Blueprint 700 1 700
Praying Card Pack 80 10 800
Adventure Guide 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Guardian Scroll 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Seed of Mastela 120 3 360
Mentor Medal 3 400 1200
Adventure Meatball 1 200 200
Total 3,960+

You will need a total of at least 3,960 Smokie Badges in order to redeem all the rewards.

You can buy an unlimited amount of Adventure Guide and Guardian Scrolls for 8 badges each.

Take note that you can only redeem these rewards until October 15, 2019. After that you won’t be able to open the Smokie Badge shop!


How to Obtain Smokie Badges

(Full Guide: September Events Guide: Smokie Back to School)

There are four ways to obtain the 3,960 Smokie Badges needed to buy all the items from the Smokie Badge shop:

1. 5-Day Quest (Reines)

On September 1–8, talk to Reines NPC in Prontera everyday and do the daily 5-day quest.

You’ll get 80 Smokie Badges per day for a total of 400 Smokie Badges.

2. Monster Loot event

On September 5–12, go to Prontera North and defeat the Smokie Hunters.

Obtain Smokie Badge by hunting Smokie Hunters in North Prontera September Event

You’ll get a maximum of 200 Smokie Badges per day, for a total of 4,800 Smokie Badges over 8 days.

You will still be able to receive “Smokie Badge” even running out of combat time

3. Mission Board Quest

Obtain Smokie Badge by clearing Mission Board Quests September Event

On September 12–19, you can gain 30 Smokie Badge for clearing Mission Board quests.

4. Time Rift Instance

Obtain Smokie Badge by clearing Time Rift Instance September Event

On September 19–26, you’ll gain 30 Smokie Badge for clearing Time Rift instances.



As you see, it’s very easy to obtain all 3,960 Smokie Badges for this September’s event.

We highly recommend checking out our full guide to the September events for more details.

Good luck!

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  1. Not sure if its a bug but today (2nd day of Smokie Event Quest ) will not be available from your Main character whom you started the quest with. It will instead show on your alt character… Not sure if this was deliberately done by the Devs… Or another addition to the numerous bugs infesting the world of RoM…

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