How to Hunt World Boss (Spawn Locations, Channel, Time)

How to Hunt World Boss MVP Spawn Channel Location Ragnarok Mobile

There’s a new type of MVPs in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love called the World Bosses.

They are a little tricky to hunt and kill, but they drop lots of great rewards such as Dead Breaths used for the 3rd Job class Breakthrough .

Here’s a guide on how to hunt them, their spawn times and spawn locations.

What is a World Boss?

The World Boss is a new kind of MVP system in the game. They are more difficult to hunt and kill but they drop interesting rewards.

There are three (3) World Bosses in the game in the current patch:


Angeling World Boss in Ragnarok Mobile drops Breath of Death

Randgris (Valkyrie)

Valkyrie Randgris World Boss in Niflheim Ragnarok Mobile

Detarderous (Detale)

Detale World Boss in Niflheim Ragnarok Mobile

They are similar to the regular MVP system, but they’re a bit more tricky to hunt: they only spawn in specific locations and in a single random channel!

Spawn Time of World Bosses

The World Bosses spawn every two (2) hours. After spawning, the boss will disappear after 30 minutes.

For example if the Boss spawned at 4:00 PM, it will disappear at 4:31 PM.

So, everyone should try and help each other to kill it quickly.

Spawn Locations of World Bosses

The World Bosses will spawn in randomly in one of the three (3) Niflheim Field maps:

1. Hamelin

Hamelin Niflheim field map 1

2. Skellington

Skellington map Niflheim Ragnarok Mobile

3. Misty Forest

Forest of Fog Niflheim map for World Boss

Check out this guide on how to access the Niflheim maps .

Spawn Channel of World Boss

Here’s the tricky part: World Bosses will only spawn in a random channel. There is no way to know if the World Boss already spawned in a different channel.

Detale World Boss in Niflheim Ragnarok Mobile 1

This makes hunting them a community-wide effort. Everyone should help notify other players on where the latest World Boss spawned. I highly recommend joining this Discord server for dedicated hunters: ROM: World Boss Slayers .

If a World Boss will spawn in your channel, a skull icon will appear in the mini-map. Click the skull icon to see which Niflheim map it will spawn in.

What items & loots do World Bosses drop?

When killed, World Bosses drops several materials such as Gram Dust, Mithril Stone, and other raw materials.

But most importantly, they drop Dead Breaths (a.k.a. Breath of Death or BoDs) which is needed to increase the Job Lv cap of 3rd Jobs to Job Level 41–60.

Dead Breath item drops from Revenant Undead MVP Ragnarok Mobile

Check out this guide for more info: How to Get Dead Breaths for 3rd Job Breakthrough (Lv 41–60)

The World Boss will give rewards to all participants in the killing of the boss. This system is similar to SMVPs .

Penalties for Stamina and Channel Switching

Channel switching penalties will not apply—your attacks will miss but you can still get loots. This system is similar to SMVPs .

Stamina penalties will apply.

Discord for World Boss Location and Channel

To make hunting easier, I highly recommend joining this Discord server: ROM: World Boss Slayers .

There are lots of World Boss hunters in there. Make sure to contribute as well if the World Boss spawned on your server!


World Bosses are a fun and challenging new MVP hunting experience in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Help each other out so everyone can farm their Dead Breaths!

Credits: Cerulean Blues and ROM Discord server

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