How to Get Dead Breaths (BoDs) for 3rd Job Breakthrough [Lv 41–60]

How to Get Dead Breaths for 3rd Job Breakthrough in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5 1

With the Episode 5.0 patch of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the max job level cap will be increased to Job Lv 60 for 3rd-job classes.

You won’t need Peak Shards anymore. Instead you’ll need a new item called Dead Breaths (a.k.a. Breath of Deaths or BoDs).

Here’s a guide on how to get them and how many Dead Breaths you need for each Job Level!

How to unlock 3rd Job Breakthrough (Lv 41–60)

Starting in Episode 5.0, 3rd job classes can now increase their Job Lv from from 40 to 60 by collecting Dead Breaths. This is similar to Peak Shards for Transcendent classes.

This is also called Breath of Deaths or “BoDs” by veteran players of the Chinese server.

First, you’ll have to do a quest in Umbala to unlock 3rd Job Breakthrough. Check out the full guide here: How to Unlock 3rd Job Breakthrough Quest

How to start quest for 3rd Job Breakthrough Umbala NPC Ragnarok Mobile EP 5

After finishing the quest you’ll obtain the violet Dead Breath container item. Then, you may start collecting your Dead Breath.

You will need 500 Dead Breaths for your first Job Breakthrough for Job Lv 41. But this will increase per level and you will need a total of 180,100 to reach the max of Job Lv 60.

See the chart below for the complete table.

Five Methods to Obtain Dead Breaths

Here are five (5) ways on how to get Dead Breaths:

  1. Niflheim Daily Quests
  2. World Boss
  3. Revenant Boss in Field (Undead MVP/UMVP)
  4. Revenant Boss in ET 101
  5. Revenant Boss in VR100

1. Niflheim Daily Quests

You can do daily quests in Niflheim town where you can gain 1,500 Dead Breaths per day.

Just check the quest markers in the mini-map.

2. World Boss

World Bosses are a new type of MVP. There are three World Bosses in the game: Angeling, Valkyrie Randgris and Detale.

They only spawn every two hours (e.g. 2PM, 4PM etc. server time) in a random Niflheim map and in a random channel!

World Bosses in Niflheim Detale and Valkyrie

They drop Dead Breaths and other materials and all participants in the killing will receive loots. This system is similar to SMVPs.

Check out our full guide on How to Hunt World Bosses.

3. Revenant Boss in Field (Undead MVP)

Revenant Boss, sometimes called Undead MVPs or UMVPs, are stronger versions of the regular MVPs. They have higher health points and are Undead element but have the same Race as the original.

Revenant Bosses Undead MVPs UMVP in Ragnarok Mobile

The Gates of Niflheim will open every 2 hours which turns an original MVP to become a Revenant/Undead MVP. The locations and MVP hunting mechanics are the same as the regular version.

These Revenant Bosses drop Dead Breaths, the same items as the original, and some additional loots unique to the UMVP version.

Only the MVP killer can get the rewards.

4. Revenant Boss in Endless Tower (ET101 Boss)

After clearing Endless Tower floor 100, a Dark Bard NPC will appear. Talk to him to summon a Revenant Boss in the Endless Tower.

Dark Bard in Valhalla Ruins Lv 100 to spawn Revenant Boss

You can hunt two (2) Revenant Bosses in Endless Tower 101 per week.

5. Revenant Boss in Valhalla Ruins 100 (VR100 Boss)

After clearing the first map in Valhalla Ruins Lv 100, a Dark Bard NPC will appear. You can talk to him to summon the Revenant Boss in the map.

Dark Bard in Endless Tower Lv 100 to spawn Revenant Boss

There is only one (1) Revenant Boss in VR100 per week.

How many Dead Breaths (DB) needed per Job Lv

Here’s a chart on how many Dead Breaths you need to get for each Job Level cap.

Job Level DB Container Level DB Needed
41 1 500
42 2 900
43 3 1400
44 4 2000
45 5 2500
46 6 3200
47 7 3900
48 8 4600
49 9 5500
50 10 6500
51 11 7600
52 12 8800
53 13 10100
54 14 11600
55 15 13300
56 16 15100
57 17 17100
58 18 19300
59 19 21800
60 20 24400
Total 180,100

You’ll need a total of 180,100 Dead Breaths to reach Job Level 60.

Tips for Hunting Dead Breaths from Revenant/World Bosses

You only have one chance per week to kill the Revenant Boss/UMVP in ET101, VR100, Oracle Medium and Oracle Hard.

Angeling World Boss in Ragnarok Mobile drops Dead Breath

So make sure to kill them as fast as you can, or keep one member of the party alive so you can re-enter the dungeon instance.

Once you clear the UMVP in ET101, VR100, Oracle Med. and Oracle Hard, you can still help your friends/guildmates but you won’t get any rewards.

For World Bosses, hunting them should be a community effort. Spam channel and location information of World Bosses in the world chat or on online communities such as Discord and Facebook group so everyone can join.


Increasing your job level cap to 60 for 3rd jobs requires lots of time, patience and luck. You’ll get there eventually!

Got any questions or tips on hunting Dead Breaths? Drop a comment down below!


Credits to Cerulean Blues for the screenshots and guide. Check out his YouTube channel for awesome Ragnarok Mobile guides and videos!

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    1. Daily Quest is in misty forest instead Niflheim. Had me running all over Niflheim only to realise it the wrong place. Zzzz

  1. How many BoD can you get from ET101 and VR?
    Do you also know where to get the quest so you can use fly wings in misty map?

    1. 5K BOD each
      to be able to use flywing in misty and skelingtong u need to finish certain story quest in nifleheim

  2. How can i hunt revenant boss? I tried bh but it doesnt speak on the map. Checked the entire map for the umvp but i cant find it. Then after 15mins it says that it escaped and the regular boss is summoned.

    1. Peak shard = T2 job breakthrough
      BoD = T3 job breakthrough

      Don’t be confused if you haven’t become T3 job

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