How to Summon SMVPs in Glast Heim Hall

Hunting Draclua SMVP in Glast Heim Hall for Devil Wings quest

SMVPs are rare MVP bosses in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that spawn every 2 hours. You’ll need to hunt them down as part of the quest to unlock Devil Wings, a very essential late-game item.

Here’s a guide on how to summon and hunt the four SMVPs in Glast Heim Hall!

(We also have a page for the list of SMVPs updated every week. Click here!)


There are four SMVPs: Chimera, Dracula, Huge Deviling and Randgris.

SMVPs can only be summoned every 2 hours, but only one kind of SMVP can be spawned per week. For example, only Chimera can be spawned for the current week, and Dracula on the next week after the weekly reset, etc…

Their spawn time is not displayed on the MVP board, so it’s more difficult to hunt them.

Why kill SMVPs?

There’s two reasons why you should hunt SMVPs as soon as you can:

  1. To unlock Devil Wings
  2. To obtain rare drops

The main reason to hunt these special MVPs is for the Devil Wings quest. Devil Wings gives Damage +5% Magic Damage +5% and All Stats +1, and it’s one of the most essential end-game items for almost any class.

Each SMVP has a chance to drop a special quest item. You’ll need all four quest items from each SMVP to complete the Devil Wings quest. Which means you’ll need at least 4 weeks to complete it since only one type of SMVP can be summoned per week. Which means you should start hunting them ASAP!

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How to Summon SMVP Monsters

How to summon SMVP hunting guide Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

To summon an SMVP, just kill the eight Revival Shaman in the lower left room of Glast Heim Hall.

After killing the 8 Revival Shamans, message will show on your screen saying that an ancient monster has awakened.


SMVP Item Drops

Here’s a list of all item drops and quest items for each SMVP monster.

SMVP Rare Drops Quest Item Drops
Chimera SMVPChimera Rose Quartz
Hydra Blueprint
Chimera Card
Motley Sword
Dracula SMVP
Blood Sucker Blueprint
Dracula Card
Wrapping Lace
Bloody Curse
Huge Deviling SMVP
Huge Deviling
Evil Wings Ears Blueprint
Deviling Card
Soft Feather
Devil Smile
Randgris Valkyrie SMVP
Valkyrie Helm [1] Blueprint
Randgris Card
Heaven Gate


Tips & Strategies

Here are some more tips and strategies to make your SMVP hunting easier!

  • Green stamina is advisable to increase chances of obtaining the quest drops
  • Try asking on World chat or on online communities on when the SMVP spawn time is
  • Better yet, join an active Guild to help you hunt the SMVPs
  • Make sure you are near the SMVP’s location when it dies to receive drops
  • You can still get the drops even if you are dead! Again just make sure to be near the SMVP’s location.
  • You only need to hit the SMVP a couple of times in order to get the chance to receive the drops
  • You can change channels and even with the miss penalty, you can still get the chance to receive the quest drop


Good luck and happy grinding!

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  1. I can not find the revival shaman in gh hall.can anyone tell where to locate them. I went to lower left side of gh Hall but no where to find.

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