Oracle Raid/Dungeon Guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Oracle Dungeon raid guide

Oracle Raid (a.k.a. Oracle Dungeon) is a new weekly game mode in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love where you battle waves of monsters in an arena and receive lots of rewards!

Here’s a guide on how it works, some strategies you can use, and what rewards you can get from the Oracle Dungeon!


The objective of Oracle Raid is simple: just kill all waves of monsters!

The arena will spawn 60 cards. Cards can be monsters, environments, or tools. You can see the next set of cards that will spawn on the right side.

Oracle Dungeon card spawns

Mobs can cast different skills. Succubus for example can heal other mobs. There will also be 3 MVP Bosses.

Environments are area effects that can deal damage or inflict debuffs. For example, Sandstorm will decrease your casting time, and Meteor Storm will deal damage. Make sure to avoid them by paying attention to the indicators.

There are 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. You can clear each difficulty once per week. You’ll get different rewards for each.


You must be at least Level 60 to enter the Oracle Dungeon. You should also be in a party, ideally with 5 members.

To enter the Oracle Raid, talk to the Fantasy Circus Worker NPC in Prontera Square to start.

Fantasy Circus Worker NPC to enter Oracle Raid Dungeon

Oracle Dungeon Rewards

You’ll get the following rewards for each difficulty. You can get all rewards for each difficulty once per week .

Difficulty Rewards
Easy 5 Gram Dust, 1 Oracle Crystal, 4 Oracle Dust
Medium 10 Gram Dust, 3 Oracle Crystal, 8 Oracle Dust
Hard 15 Gram Dust, 5 Oracle Crystal, 15 Oracle Dust

Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal

Oracle Dust Oracle Crystal rewards from Oracle Dungeon Raid

These items are used to enchant Headgears (Head, Face, Mouth, Tail, Back). They normally cost 50,000 and 100,000 zeny from Mora the Cat Enchantment NPC in Geffen.

Gram Dust

Gram Dust reward from Oracle Dungen Raid

Gram Dust is used to craft cards in King Poring. You normally obtain these from decomposing cards.

Poker Album and Tarot Album

There’s also a chance to receive Poker and Tarot Albums. They will contain one random card when opened. However, this will not unlock the card in the Adventure Handbook.

Here’s a list of all cards you can obtain from Poker Album and Tarot Album:

Card Effect Permanent
Holy Crystal – Arcane Card

Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost and Neutral Dmg Taken -10%

With [Holy Crystal – Arcane Card], [Holy Crystal – Element Card] and [Holy Crystal – Haste Card] equipped: -10% Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost, Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind damage taken. +2% Move Spd

Max HP +112
Holy Crystal – Elements Card

Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Dmg Taken -10%

With [Holy Crystal – Arcane Card], [Holy Crystal – Element Card] and [Holy Crystal – Haste Card] equipped: -10% Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost, Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind damage taken. +2% Move Spd

Max HP +112
Holy Crystal – Haste Card

Max HP +200, LUK +2

With [Holy Crystal – Arcane Card], [Holy Crystal – Element Card] and [Holy Crystal – Haste Card] equipped: -10% Poison, Holy, Dark, Ghost, Neutral, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind damage taken. +2% Move Spd

Def +3
Baby Snake Card INT +2
M.Atk +10
Max HP +30
Magic Snake Card INT +1, MPen. +2% Max HP +60
White Wolf Card STR +1, Pen. +2% Max HP +60
Blue Wolf Card STR +2, Physical damage +2%, Max HP +400 M.Atk +4.5
Hand of Light Card ???+15%
M.Atk +12
Pale Lord Card Auto Attack damage +10%With [Pale Lord Card] and [Bloody Knight Card] equipped: Auto Attack damage +5%, +3% chance to cast [Meteor Storm] when using Auto Attack Skill Damage Reduction 1%

Cards Effects List

Here’s a list of all non-monster cards in Oracle Dungeon and their effects:

Card Name Effect
Meteor Deals huge damage
Sea of Fire Damage over time
Glacier AoE freeze
Swirl Wind Swirl-Wind Debuff
Sand Reduce DEX (reduced HIT and casting time)
Lightning Rod Instant Damage
Tranquilizer Stun
Magnetic Field Immobilized
Noise Maker Silence
Sleep Incense Reduced movespeed and ASPD
Photoscope Reduced DEF
Blinker Unable to Crit Dodge
Poison Reduced Max HP
Fake Potion Increased consumption

Strategy and Tips

Oracle Dungeon Raid guide 2

Party Composition

Generally, you’ll want at least one Tank, DPS and a Full Support class in your team, just like in Endless Tower . For example, 1 Lord Knight, 2 Snipers, 1 HW and 1 FS Priest is a good party composition.


Make sure to bring essential foods or potions and pre-buff yourself before starting!

The following are highly recommended:

  • Cooked Gourmet Foods — recipes that prevent Fatal attacks are very useful. Check out this recipe list and search for “death blow”
  • The Stay Calm adventure skill (Rank D) is also useful to instantly cure debuffs
  • Panacea for removing debuffs
  • HP and SP healing potions
  • Blue Gems for HP and HW
  • Repair Alloys for broken items

Check out these guides on how to maximize your damage:

Card Sequences

Before starting, you can see the sequence of waves, such as what mobs and environments you’ll be facing. Just talk to the NPC inside before starting.

Fantasy Circus NPC Oracle Dungeon cards list

If you don’t like the card sequence, you can exit and enter again to get a new set. For example, if you see Healer mobs next to bosses, it’s better to reshuffle the sequence.

You can see the effects in the wave descriptions.

Pay Attention!

Keep your eyes on the next set of cards so you can plan your actions ahead.

Also pay attention to circle markers on the ground for AoE cards. Stay out of them ASAP!

A good positioning would be tanks in the middle and DPS, HW and FS on the outer circles but within range of the party members.

Killing the 3 MVPs

There will be 3 MVP bosses throughout the Oracle Raid.

You can kill the first boss as soon as you can. But clear the other mobs first before killing the 2nd and 3rd boss. Be careful not to hit them too to prevent aggro.

Once you start hitting the 3rd boss, stay out of the green area which appears in the outer circle. It will expand as you kill more of the remaining monsters, and the safe zone will shrink smaller and smaller. Just stay inside the safe area during the 3rd boss.

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