How to Enter Guardian Hall in Ragnarok Mobile

Thanatos Tower Ragnarok M eternal Love

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Episode 6, you will need to go to Guardian Hall to finish the Valkyrie quest.

Here’s a quick guide on where the Guardian Hall is and how to enter it.

How to go to Guardian Hall in Ragnarok Mobile

The Guardian Hall is located in Thanatos Tower. Here are the steps on how to enter the Guardian Hall.

1. Join an alliance (12-player party)

You will first need to be in an alliance. An alliance is two joint parties combined with a max of 12 members.

2. Go to Thanatos Island

To go to Thanatos Island, go to Juno town and talk to the Airship NPC in the right side of the map.

Guardian Hall Thanatos Tower Island NPC Ragnarok Mobile 4

He will take you to Thanatos Tower Island.

3. Talk to Guardian Hall NPC in Thanatos Island

Once you’re in Thanatos Tower Island, walk north and talk to Gageel Ruin Administrator NPC to enter the Guardian Hall.

Thanatos Tower Guardian Hall entrance NPC Ragnarok Mobile 1

Again, make sure you have joined an alliance of two combined parties.

Otherwise you’ll see a message where you need to join one.

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