How to Summon & Hunt Revenant Boss (Undead MVP)

Revenant Bosses Undead MVPs UMVP in Ragnarok Mobile

Revenant Bosses, also called Undead MVPs, are a new type of MVP monsters in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

They are essential for hunting Dead Breaths/BoDs used for the 3rd Job Breakthrough.

Here’s a guide on how to summon the Revenant/Undead Bosses and where to hunt them.


Revenant Bosses, sometimes called Undead MVPs are stronger, Undead versions of the normal MVPs.

They are all Undead element but still have the same Race as the regular version. They also have more health points so they are a bit more difficult to kill.

They will drop the same items as the original MVP plus some new loots unique to the Revenant MVP version.

But most importantly, they drop Dead Breaths (a.k.a. BoDs) which is used for 3rd Job Breakthrough to increase your maximum Job Level to 60. (Full Guide: How to Get Dead Breaths for 3rd Job Breakthrough)

There are three ways on how to summon and hunt the Revenant bosses: from the field, in Valhalla Ruins and in Endless Tower.

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How to Summon Revenant Boss (Undead MVP)

Here are three methods to hunt the Undead MVPs:

  1. Summon in Valhalla Ruins (VR100)
  2. Summon in Endless Tower (ET101)
  3. Hunt in the field

For Valhalla and Endless Tower, you can only summon them for a limited number of times.

Summon Revenant MVP in Valhalla Ruins (VR100)

After clearing the first map in Valhalla Ruins Lv. 100 (VR100), a Dark Bard NPC will appear in the map.

You can talk to him to summon the Revenant Boss in the same map.

Dark Bard in Endless Tower Lv 100 to spawn Revenant Boss

You can only summon one (1) Revenant Boss in the Valhalla Ruins per week. Make sure you are prepared with a powerful team so you don’t get wiped out right away! Try to keep one member of the party alive so you can still re-enter the dungeon instance if you die.

A trick to kill them easily is to abuse the portals—kite them and attack them from a different “island.” You will need long ranged DPS classes for this.

The Revenant Boss in the VR will also count as one MVP from the five MVPs in the dungeon. So make sure you still haven’t killed the other five MVPs in Valhalla to get the loots.

Summon Revenant MVP in Endless Tower (ET101)

After clearing Endless Tower floor 100, a Dark Bard NPC will appear. Talk to him to summon a Revenant Boss in the same floor of the Endless Tower.

Dark Bard in Valhalla Ruins Lv 100 to spawn Revenant Boss

You can only summon two (2) Revenant Bosses in Endless Tower 101 per week. Each ET101 Revenant Boss will give 2,500 Dead Breaths.

If your whole team gets wiped out, you will lose the chance to kill the boss.

Make sure you are prepared with a powerful team, and do your best to have at least one member survive in the tower so you don’t get wiped out!

Hunt Revenant MVP in the field

Every 2 hours, the gates of Niflheim will open which converts a random regular MVP into a Revenant/Undead MVP.

Revenant Bosses Undead MVPs UMVP in Ragnarok Mobile

The locations of the MVPs will be the same as the regular version. Also, the same MVP hunting mechanics still apply.


Revenant MVPs are important for farming Dead Breaths to increase your job level limit as a 3rd Job class.

Another method for obtaining Dead Breaths is to hunt World Bosses, another kind of MVP.

Check out our in-depth guide on farming Dead Breaths.

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