Daily Login Roadblock Questions and Answers

Daily Login rewards answers to roadblock questions

Last March 13, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love launched the Daily Login Reward System a.k.a. the Big Cat Sign-in system.

Just by logging in to the game once a day, you can get rewards such as Lightning Chains, Gold Medals, Meatballs, costumes, a Pet, and even a free 15-day Premium card!

However, in some days there are “roadblock” questions where you need to answer a certain question correctly before you can get the rewards! Here’s the list of all Daily Login roadblock questions.

Daily Login Roadblock Answers

Day 6: How to obtain food materials from monsters?

Answer: Use Chef’s Eagle Eye. (Related: List of Cooking Ingredients)

Day 10: How to unlock Pet Working Place “Arena”?

Answer: Become an Adventurer Class D (Related: Adventurer Rank Guide)

Day 16: How to team accept Mission Board Quest?

Answer:  Learn adventurer skill “Mission Board Leader” (Related: Adventurer Skills List)

More answers coming soon!


What happens if I choose the wrong answer?

If you choose the incorrect answer on the Daily Login roadblocks, don’t worry!

You can still try again and select the correct answer, and you’ll still get the items.

So basically, the daily login questions doesn’t really serve any purpose except to delay you a few seconds from receiving your sweet, sweet rewards! And hey, at least you get to learn a thing or two about Ragnarok Mobile.


Check out this guide for more details on the Daily Login system and a list of all the rewards per day.

Happy grinding!

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  1. why does my total stamina (185/204) reduced to 204? i thought it would be atleast 300.. and i try to play and listened to music in south pontera, hopefully adding my combat time, but it.didn’t work. please help me about this.

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