How to Get Celebration Food Vouchers and Redeem All Rewards

Celebration Food Voucher Rewards Ragnarok Mobile

For the October events in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Celebration Food Vouchers are rewarded throughout the daily quests and events. They are used to redeem rewards from the shop.

How many Celebration Food Vouchers do we need to redeem all the rewards? And how can we obtain all of them? This guide will help you out!

Celebration Food Voucher Shop

These are the rewards that you can redeem in the Food Voucher shop.

Item Name Price Purchase Limit Total Cost
Puffer Fish Blueprint 300 1 300
Food Voucher 15 10 150
Oracle Dust 6 16 96
Oracle Crystal 10 16 160
Praying Card Pack 15 10 150
Gold Medal 15 10 150
Seed of Mastela 20 3 60
Adventure Meatball 1 n/a
Eden Coin 2 n/a 1
Total 1,066+

You will need a total of at least 1,066+ Celebration Food Vouchers in order to redeem all the rewards.

You can buy an unlimited amount of Adventure Meatball and Eden Coins for 1 and 2 vouchers each.

Take note that you can only redeem these rewards until November 15, 2019. After that you won’t be able to open the shop!

How to Get Celebration Food Vouchers

(Full Guide: October Events Guide: Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign)

There are several ways to obtain all 1,066 vouchers needed to buy all the items from the Food Voucher shop.

1. Buy from Exchange

The easiest and fastest way to obtain Celebration Food Vouchers is by purchasing them in the Exchange!

Players can sell their vouchers on the Exchange, currently it’s sitting at around ~1,800 zeny each.

2. Sign in Mission (5-Day Quest)

On October 1–8, go to Prontera Square and look for Food Critic Aiya Nord to accept the “Cooking Campaign” series mission.

You’ll get 50 Vouchers per day for a total of 250 Celebration Food Vouchers.

3. Food Emergency Quest

On October 10–17, go to Prontera Square and talk to Food Campaign Employee NPC to do the Food Emergency Quest.

For this quest, you need to kill Hunger Ghosts in North Prontera. They will drop Hunger Ghost Feasts which can summon summon a ghost that drops Top Ingredients.

You can trade these Top Ingredients for Celebration Food Vouchers in Prontera.

As of now, we don’t have exact numbers on how many vouchers you can get.

4. Ghost Parade Quest (5-Day Quest)

On October 17 –23 every night from 6:00PM to 5:00 AM (Server time), talk to NPC Antonio in South Gate Prontera for a quest.

You’ll get 50 Vouchers per day for a total of 250 Celebration Food Vouchers.

5. Feast GiftBox

If you have some cash to spare, you can buy these Feast Gift boxes from the Big Cat Coin Shop for 15 BCC each.

Each box will contain 30 Celebration Food Vouchers.



As you see, it’s easy to obtain all 1,066+ Celebration Food Vouchers for this month’s event.

We’re pretty sure you’ll redeem all the rewards (and the unlimited items!) from the shop in no time.

We highly recommend checking out our full guide to the October events for more details on this month’s events.

Good luck and happy grinding!

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