List of War of Emperium (WoE) Rewards

Hymn of Jotunheim crafting god weapon artifacts

Are you planning to join the War of Emperium (WoE) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love but you’re not really sure if it’s worth investing time and Zeny on?

Here’s a list of all the rewards you can get from participating in the GvG battle.

Spoiler: it is worth it—you don’t even need to win to receive some rewards!

1. Honor Proofs


  • Participating in the War of Emperium (attacking/defending) will give you 100 pcs Honor Proof.
  • Successfully occupying a castle until the end will give you 1,200 pcs Honor Proof

Killing enemies:

  • Killing an enemy player will give you 20 Honor Proof
  • Kill assists will give you 10 Honor Proof
  • Maximum of 1,200 Honor Proof can be obtained

Premium users will get 10% more Honor Proofs.

These rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

How to Use Honor Proof

Full Guide: How to Get Honor Proofs and Why You Should

Incredible Vending Machine NPC Guild Hall

Honor Proofs are used as currency to buy various items from your Guild’s Vending Machine. One of the best items you can buy with Honor Proofs are the Prayer Chip Packages.

Read the next item for more details!


2. Prayer Chip Packages (Prayer Cards)

Full Guide: How to Use Prayer Card Packs / How to Increase Praying Card Weekly Purchase Limit

Participating in the war will give you 2 Prayer Chip Packages.

Successfully occupying a castle until the end will give you additional 2 Prayer Chip Packages.

Where to Use Prayer Chip Packages

These chip packs contain Prayer Cards which are used to gain permanent bonus stats from Valkyrie, similar to the normal Guild Blessings.

Prayer Cards from Random Chip Packages from Woe rewards

Instead of Belief Tokens (or Zeny) and Guild Contributions, you use these Prayer Cards to obtain a different set of Valkyire Blessings.

There are three types of Prayer cards which you can get randomly:

  • Attack/Offensive (Red)
  • Defensive (Blue)
  • Element (Yellow)

Here are some examples of the bonus stats and effects you can get from each type:

Bonus stats from Red Prayer Cards from Chip Packages

Bonus stats from Blue Prayer Cards from Chip Packages

Bonus stats from Yellow Prayer Cards from Chip Packages


3. Artifact Shards and Materials for crafting God Weapons

Full Guide: WoE Castle List and their Artifacts & Chest Rewards

Guilds who successfully defend an Agit until the end will receive special chest rewards that contain Artifact Shards and Artifact Materials used to craft Godly weapons.

Once you get an agit, Leaders/Vice-Leaders can unlock the Legendary Smelter facility in your Guild, where you can use Artifact Materials to forge Artifacts.

Guild Artifact Hall where you can craft Artifacts using Artifact Materials received from chests

The Artifacts received from the chests will depend on the location of the agit—for example Prontera 1 gives Sword type materials, while Geffen 1 gives Staff type materials, etc. So it’s important to know which agits you should aim for depending on what God weapons you want to craft.

In addition, you’ll get additional Artifact chests if you can successfully defend your castles multiple times consecutively.

For a complete list of what materials each castle gives and how many bonus chests you can get, check out this guide!


4. Bragging Rights and a Castle!

If your Guild manages to secure a castle, prepare to win any trash talk battle! Winning the war gives you the right to say “But do you have a Castle though?” to anyone that tries to mess with you. 😂

War of Emperium castle agit

You’ll also have your Guild’s name and emblem printed on the flag outside the castle. Best feeling ever!


Image credits:

  • Rai, who made this amazing, comprehensive ADL Guide.
  • Haven Guild (CN Server)

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