Upcoming Content for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EP 6.0!

New main story line quest Biolab Lighthalzen

To celebrate their 2nd Anniversary, the developers from X.D. Global held a livestream to announce upcoming new content for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love EP 6.0.

The livestream was in Chinese, but thanks to our friends at Rierin.com and Clo’s Murmur for translating, here’s an overview of all new features we can expect to see soon!

Note: This is mostly for CN server, they’re currently at EP 5.0. For comparison, SEA and Global servers are currently at EP 3.0, but we’ll get these features too in the near future!

New content coming to Ragnarok Mobile eternal love ep 6

New Job Classes: Ninja, Gunslinger and Super Novice

We’re finally getting the classic extended job classes! These are special alternate job branches that don’t branch out from the original 6 job classes (Swordsman, Archer, Mage etc).


Ninja job class

Ninjas are the Thief-like characters that can specialize in either Magic spells (Ninpou) or Stealth (Ninjutsu). Their magic branch is different from Mages, as they are able to cast and spam them really hard that you’ll get stun locked! As for their stealth branch, they have a powerful skill called the Final Strike—a one-hit KO skill similar to the Champion’s Asura Strike.

Personally, Ninjas are my favorite class to play in the classic Ragnarok games!

Gunslinger job class

Gunslingers on the other hand are the—you guessed it—gun-wielding classes that can equip a variety of guns and use powerful AoE and single-target skills to take down any foe that comes their way!

Super novice 3D model new job class coming to Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

Super Novices are the “for fun” classes, but don’t take them lightly—they are able to use ANY skill from ALL first class jobs!

New Dungeon Maps: Turtle Island, Nameless Island, Ghost Palace

We’re also getting 3 new dungeon maps, which means new monsters and new items to farm!

Turtle Island is home to the Turtle monsters. They’re headed by the mighty Turtle General MVP.

Turtle General Cards were popular back in classic Ragnarok for their “+20% Damage Increase” effect. Let’s see what the TG card’s effect is this time.

turtle island

Nameless Island and Ghost Palace on the other hand are home to Undead and Ghost monsters.

nameless island

Global GVG (War of Emperium)

We don’t have much details on this yet, but it looks like since the beginning, they’re already planning on a Global server where all players can meet each other and battle in War of Emperium. If that’s the case, that would be really awesome!

war of emperium

New Raid Dungeon: Thanatos Tower

You might probably have heard of the legendary Thanatos in the main story quests in the existing episodes of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

This time, it’s time to fight him face to face! The Thanatos Tower is similar to the Endless Tower where you and your party will battle hordes of enemies in multiple floors, then finally face Thanatos and his allies in the final floor. Lots of rare MVP loots await!

Thanatos Tower Ragnarok M eternal Love

Private Customizable House

Sounds like we’re getting an “Animal Crossing”-like or “Pokemon Secret Base”-like feature where players can customize their own homes and let other players visit it!

Great feature for casual players who just want to hang out and socialize.

New private housing

New Story (Lighthalzen/Biolab)

We’re also getting new main story content. This definitely looks like the Lighthalzen/Biolab story line, but I could be wrong.

New main story line quest Biolab Lighthalzen

New Towns: Comodo and Rachel

comodo town

rachel town

Revival of Satan Morocc

Revival of Satan Morocc

Classic Job Costume Skins

new job costume skins

New Mechanic Gear, Merchant Carts and New Mounts

New Free Costumes

free costumes


And many more!

Are you excited for EP 6.0? What features and content are you looking forward for the most? Comment them down below!

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    1. Hello, of course I did credit both Rierin and Clo in the second paragraph. They are awesome and I respect them a lot for everything they have been doing for the community 🙂

    1. Hi! Please see comment above. While I did get the info from other sources and credited them, I did not do a 1:1 copy and most of the contents of this article is based from my own personal experiences playing the old classic Ragnarok Online game. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  1. In classic RO I didn’t have to befriend Cenia, so I had no qualms about killing her, but now we run into the sunset together, this is just cruel. Bad move.

  2. when will come to global Ç_Ç???? I wanna my gun’s again!!!!! Ç_Ç Just coz we are far away… ç-ç~ i’m sad ç-ç

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