Bard & Dancer Ensemble Skills List

New Bard Dancer Minstrel Wanderer Clown class in Ragnarok M Eternal Love ROM EP 5.0

Bards and Dancers, a.k.a. “Performers,” are known for their songs and dances that can buff allies or debuff enemies.

They can play these songs alone (solo), but when they perform certain songs together called an Ensemble, they can cast even more powerful supportive skills.

Here’s a list of all the Bard & Dancer solo skills and ensembles and their effects.


A Bard and Dancer can perform “ensembles” together to give powerful buffs to allies or debuffs to enemies. They play a very important support role especially during War of Emperium, PvP battles and even when grinding.

Bard giving buffs to his allies in battle

Here are some rules and mechanics on how Ensembles work.

  • Bards should equip Musical Instruments while Dancers equip Whips to perform the songs.
  • Both Bard and Dancer should be in the same party to use Ensembles.
  • To determine the skill level of the Ensemble performed, the average skill level of the Bard and Dancer rounded down is used. Here is the formula:
    • Ensemble Skill Level = (Skill Lv of Bard + Skill Lv of Dancer) / 2
  • There are three (3) types of Ensembles:
    • Regular Ensembles — these skills take effect only during the performance
    • 3rd-job Ensembles — once casted, the buff will persist over the skill duration just like a normal buff
    • Rune Ensembles — can be learned via Aesir Monument Runes
  • You can’t cast multiple Ensembles at a time except for 3rd-job Ensembles.
  • The AoE of all ensembles is 5 meters.
  • Ensembles can be interrupted if one of the performer is Frozen, Silenced or Stunned.

Check out these guides for in-depth build guides for the Bard class and Dancer class.

Bard vs. Dancer Solo Skills

Here is the list and comparison of Bard and Dancer solo skills. They can perform these skills alone without a partner.

Frost Joke
AoE Freeze (3m)
AoE Stun (4m)
Assassin’s Sunset
Increase AGI and ASPD
Increase ATK, Hit
Idun’s Apple
Increase HP Recovery, Max HP%
Service For You
Max SP%, Reduce SP Consumption
A Whistle
Increases AGI, Flee, Movespeed
Don’t Forget Me
Decrease enemy ASPD, Movespeed
Bragi’s Poem
Reduce Variable Casting Time (VCT), Increase SP Recovery
Goddess Kiss
Increase Crit and Crit Damage
Windmill Rush
Increase PATK, Damage Inc.
Moonlight Serenade
Increase MATK, Magic Damage Inc
Dissonance (Rune Skill)
Deal Damage based on PATK
Ugly Dance (Rune Skill)
Deal damage based on SP

Regular Ensembles

These are the regular Ensembles that can be cast by Bards and Dancers. These will affect units within 5 meters range of the Bard and Dancer.

Ensemble Effect
Eternal Chaos Reduce DEF of enemies by 100%
Lullaby 80% chance to cause Sleep status to enemies
Battle Drum ATK +10%, DEF +10% to allies
Breakthrough Lv 20: ATK +20% DEF +40%
Rich Man Mr. Kim Base and Job EXP gained +75% to allies
Breakthrough Lv 15: Base & Job EXP gained +100%
Into the Abyss Remove all skill consumables to all allies
Breakthrough Lv 6: Skill Delay -15%
Invulnerable Siegfried +30% Damage Reduction against Earth, Wind, Water and Fire to allies
Ring of Nibelung Pen +10%, MPen +10% to allies
Breakthrough Lv 15: Status Resistance +30%
Loki’s Veil Block all skills (including caster and allies)

Third-Job Ensembles (Minstrel & Wanderer)

These are ensembles that can be learned in 3rd job classes, Minstrel and Wanderer. These skills also affect units within 5 meters.

Ensemble Effect
Dance With Warg ASPD +10%, Warg/Falcon Damage +30% to allies
Lerad’s Dew Increase Max HP by [(Minstrel + Wanderer’s HP) * 10%] + 5000
Ancient Sunset Lv 10 ATK +150, MATK +150 to all allies
Ancient Sunset Lv 15 [(ATK of Wanderer + ATK of Minstrel)(2%)] + 150
[(MATK of Wanderer + MATK of Minstrel)(2%)] + 150

Rune Ensembles

These are ensembles that can be learned from Runes.

Ensemble Effect
Infinite Singing Reduce skill cooldown by 20% and allow allies to cast skill without interruption
Relief Lullaby Force party members to fall in Deep Sleep, preventing any attacks within 3 secs.
Deep Sleep lasts for 10 sec, recovering 5% HP and SP every sec
If attacked within 3 secs, Deep Sleep will be cancelled


Credits to Cerulean Blues for the cheat sheets.

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