Episode 4.0 Guide: How to Prepare for 3rd Jobs, New Maps, Monsters, Items

Episode 4.0 EP4 guide for Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

Episode 4.0 is coming real soon to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love! There’s lots of new content to unlock and discover—new maps, items and cards. And, probably the best & most-awaited part—new 3rd Job classes!

Here’s everything you need to know about Ragnarok Mobile’s upcoming EP4.0 a.k.a. Castle in the Sky—what to expect and how to prepare for it.


3rd Job Classes

Full Guide: How to Job Change into 3rd Class

3rd job class will be released in this episode. To job change into the 3rd class, you need to be at least Job Level 70 via Job Breakthrough (Peak Shards).

How to job change into 3rd class by talking to NPCs in Prontera Adventurer Hall Ragnarok Mobile

Here’s the list of all available 3rd job classes:

  • Acolyte: Arch Bishop / Shura
  • Archer: Ranger
  • Mage: Warlock
  • Merchant: Mechanic / Genetic
  • Swordsman: Rune Knight / Royal Guard
  • Thief: Guillotine Cross / Shadow Chaser


New Maps & Monsters

There will be 1 new town, 1 dungeon and 2 fields in the upcoming episode—new farming and leveling spots!

Juno Border Checkpoint einbroch and Lava Cave locations above Aldebaran map


A new town called Juno will be accessible 3 maps north of Aldebaran. It comes with a new Main Story quest starting at Level 98.

Juno map Ragnarok Mobile

Border Checkpoint & Einbroch Field

Two maps north of Aldebaran (1 map below Juno) are Border Checkpoint and Einbroch Field.

It is home to Earth/Wind element monsters ranging from Level 116-121.

Monster Race / Element / Size
Marmot (Lv 116) Brute / Earth / Small
Geographer (Lv 118) Plant / Earth / Medium
Harpy (Lv 119) Demon / Wind / Medium
Highland Parasite (Lv 121) Plant / Wind / Medium

Lava Cave 1F-3F (Magma Dungeon)

The Lava Cave/Magma Dungeon will be accessible in the upper-left portal of Einbroch Field.

The dungeon consists of three floors (1F–3F) inhabited by Fire element monsters ranging from Level 119–124:

Monster Race / Element / Size
Fiery Deviruchi (Lv 119) Demon / Shadow / Small
Fiery Mane (Lv 120) Undead / Undead / Large
Fire Elf (Lv 122) Formless / Fire / Medium
Fire Fledgling (Lv 124) Brute / Fire / Medium

New Mini-Boss and MVP

Name Notable Drops
Fire Witch (Lv. 128)
Forest Hunter
Firelord Kaho (Lv. 126)
Staff of Mana Storm
Lance of Dragon Tamer
Arc Angeling (Lv. 130)
Sura Rampage
Mace of judgment


New Items, Upgrades and Cards

More details: ROM EP4.0 Spreadsheet

With the new maps, monsters and Bosses also comes new items! The new Minis/MVPs will drop weapons suited for 3rd job classes and cards with powerful effects.

In addition, old gears will get more tier upgrades beyond Tier IV. Meaning, you can now upgrade items up to Tier 8 or even Tier 10!

Wizardry Staff tier upgrades up to Tier VIII

Check out the spreadsheet in the link above to see the full list of new items, cards, combos and upgrade tiers.

Credits to these awesome people who made the spreadsheet: YuukiRO • CloRO • Ninja (ecrunale) • Fongnom • CoolCheze • Mischa


Other Updates

Here are other updates we can expect to see in EP 4.0:

  • Max Base Level increased to Lv 110, max stats increased to 119
  • Endless Tower max level increased to 100F
  • Garm and new MVPs will appear starting on 80F
  • Vending Skill — Merchants will be able to vend their items in town similar to classic RO!
  • All Mercenary Cat NPCs will now be Prontera — makes it more convenient to hire them
  • You can now hire 2 Mercenary Cats by default. The Adventure Skill Mercenary Pact will allow you to hire 4 (!) cats
  • Max Party member limit increased from 5 to 6
  • Other minor graphics and UI improvements


How to Prepare for Episode 4.0

Prepare for 3rd Class

Try to reach Job Lv 70 with Peak Shards in preparation for the 3rd class job change. Check out our guide to Job Breakthrough and Peak Shards here.

Also, check out this guide to see what items are needed for the job change quests: How to Job Change into 3rd Class

Useful Cards

Here are some cards that will be useful in EP4.0 based on the upcoming maps and monsters. We might see an increase in their prices soon, so I suggest buying them as early as now.

Card Effect
Ultraman Card Dmg to Brute & Demon +8%
Dmg reduc. vs. Demi-Human +2%
Menblatt Card Dmg to Earth +20%
Peco-Peco Egg Card Dmg to Formless +15%
Goblin Card Dmg to Brute +15%
Vadon Card Dmg to Fire +15%
Scorpion Card Dmg to Plant +10%

Also, Water converters will be useful against the new Fire monsters in the Magma Dungeons.

If you’ve been farming Anolians and stockpiled a LOT of Mystic Frozen that are not selling on the exchange, your time has come!

Prepare for Endless Tower 80F

When EP4.0 is released, the new MVPs and Garm will appear starting at Floor 80. So I recommend that you don’t clear Floors 80 and above yet for this week, so that you’ll be one of the first players to get their loots.

Purchase Upgrade/Crafting Materials and King Poring Cards

I would also recommend buying materials for upgrading (for Tiers 4–8 or 10) and new craftable items. We might see an increase in their prices especially on the first few days/weeks after the upcoming episode is released.

Again refer to the EP 4.0 spreadsheet for more info.

New King Poring cards will also be craftable and their required cards are already snapping on the exchange at the time of writing! (We’ll have a guide on this soon!)

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