November Grateful Thanksgiving Event Guide

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November 15, 2018 marks the start of the Turkey Feast Thanksgiving Celebration in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love! Follow this guide on how to claim free rewards and more information about the event.

Turkey Feast Celebration

Full Guide: Turkey Feast Celebration Quest Guide (Sisley Quest)

Starting on Nov. 15 until Nov. 29, you can do five Turkey Feast Quests once a day (per account). These quests give free rewards each time you finish them, and after you finish the 5th one you get a free “Turkey Grr Blueprint”.

turkey quest feast ragnarok mobile eternal love prontera npc

These are the two rewards you get after finishing each daily quest.

turkey feast gift box turkey feast rangarok mobile eternal love event

After each quest once a day, you will receive a gift box that contains one of the following items:

You’ll also get 5 Turkey Feasts in our Food Box. It provides a lot of great buffs for 208 minutes.

Check the full guide here: Turkey Feast Celebration Quest Guide (Sisley Quest)


Double Rewards for Guild Donation

guild donation npc

Starting on Nov 22 until Nov 29, you’ll get double rewards for Guild Donation! Rewards such as Guild Contributions (medals) and Gold Badges are used to activate Runes. (Related: Rune System Guide) This will be the best time to start collecting Contribution medals!

guild hall donation rewards contributions gold badge

To donate to your Guild, you will need to give loots to the NPC in your Guild Hall. (Related: Guide to Guild Donation) Take advantage of this and Donate to your guild as much as you can!

Note: You can only have one character who can receive the double rewards under your account so choose wisely!


Gacha Costume (Fantasy Generator)

The Fantasy Generator will also appear in the middle of Prontera next to Sisley. If you’re ever wondering what those Big Cat Voucher Feasts (orange tickets) are for, this is it! Just Invest 30 vouchers and you’ll get a random costume.

fantasy generator costume gacha ragnarok eternal love

You can get these orange Big Cat Vouchers by doing Assistant/Maid quests. Reaching 60 Intimacy points each day will reward you 1 ticket. You can also finish the Hairstyle Change quest (Barber Shop in town) or the Smile Assistant Quest by crafting 5 headgears. You’ll get 10 tickets for each.

ragnarok mobile eternal love big cat voucher feast ticket assistant

ragnarok mobile eternal love big cat voucher feast ticket


Free Kafra Transportation and Stash Service

Lastly, during the Thanksgiving event (Nov 15-29) Kafra Transportation and Stash Services are free! Unlike you rich bastards, this is great for newcomers where every single zeny still counts. XD

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  1. How to get the quest from Sisley if at first you chose “decide later” rather than “confirm”? Now whenever I talk to Sisley, there is no button for Turkey Fascination quest. Please help. Thanks

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