How to One Hit Eggyras and Farm Lots of Zeny

napalm vulcan eggyra ragnarok mobile eternal love

Wizards are one of the best farming classes in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. One way to earn a lot of Zeny fast is by farming on Eggyras.

High Wizards can easily kill Eggyras in one shot for very efficient farming using their skill Napalm Vulcan.

This guide will teach you how to earn almost 1 million zeny per day by farming Eggyras with one hit!


Unlike what most players and guides tell you, there is no exact set of equips or a specific amount of Magic Attack (MAtk) required to one-shot Eggyras.

There is however a combination of different methods to achieve this and it depends on many factors. Let’s face it, not all players are lucky enough to receive rare drops, and players have different playstyles.

In this guide we’ll teach you all methods on how to one-hit Eggyras, so you can choose whichever methods you prefer and what available resources you have:

  • Stats — max INT first then DEX
  • Get Guild Blessing & Runes
  • Invest on Equips & Cards
  • Enhance and Refine your gear
  • Use INT Dish and Cooked Foods
  • Skill Levels — Napalm Vulcan Lv. 6, Magic Power Lv. 10
  • Blessing and Magnificat (Priest buffs)


Stat Build

high wizard stats one hit eggyra ragnarok mobile

The stat build is pretty straightforward: 99 INT 0 DEX first, then 99 DEX.

Yes you will need around 900-1000 MAtk but again, this is not a necessary magic number. Some Wizards I know only have 850 MAtk but with proper gear and buffs.

Guild Blessing and Runes

Guild Prayers and Runes are great permanent buffs and pretty easy to obtain. You just need to keep doing Guild activities like Dojo and Guild Donations in order to rack up on Contributions. You’ll want the MAtk Blessing (Wise Blessing) obviously as well as MAtk increasing runes, eventually leading to your goal rune path such as the Meteor Storm path.

Equips and Cards


There’s two common choices for your weapon and that’s the Croce Staff and Wizardry Staff. The main difference is the SP Regen.

croce staff exchange ragnarok mobile eternal loveCroce Staff wizardry staff exchange ragnarok mobile eternal loveWizardry Staff

MAtk +144
INT +5
SP Regen +30%

MAtk +97
INT +3
M.Atk +10%
Ignore M.Def +2% per +1

More SP Regen,
Less damage

Less SP Regen,
More damage

My personal choice is damage over SP Regen with Wizardry Staff. I wouldn’t worry too much about SP thanks to Play Dead skill.

Budget Armors

  • Headgear:
    • Wizard Hat, Mage Hat
  • Off-hand: Magic Book
  • Armor: Mage Coat
  • INT Earrings
  • Rings

Budget Tip: You may also purchase broken items from the exchange as they are way cheaper but still offer the same stats. If you didn’t know, you can still equip broken items and benefit from all their stats and effects!

Mid-Luxury Budget Armors

  • Saint set
  • Headgear:
    • Magic Eyes
  • Armor: Robe of Cast
  • Staunch Cape, Staunch Boots
  • INT Earrings
  • Orleans Glove
  • Orleans Server


Marionette Card — deposit this to your Adventure Handbook, it gives +10% Napalm Vulcan Damage

marionette card adventurer handbook ragnarok mobile eternal love

Peco Peco Egg card — 15% more damage to Formless monsters (Eggyra is Formless)

Enhancement and Refinement

int earring refine ragnarok mobile eternal love

Once you’ve acquired your equips, make sure to Enhance them. Enhancing your staff weapons as well as your MAtk accessories will increase your MAtk so prioritize them first.

Refining them to at least +4 will give you lots of Refined MAtk. Refined MAtk is a type of magic damage that pierces through a targets’s MDef.

Check out our full guide to Enhancing, Refining & more here.


INT Dish and Cooked Foods

int meal b stat food ragnarok mobile eternal love

Another easy way to boost your magic damage is by buying INT Dishes:

  • INT Dish A gives 10% MAtk, buy from Prontera Food Shop
  • INT Dish B gives 20% MAtk for 25k, buy from Geffen Food shop

Cooked Foods are cheap MAtk boosters as well so take time to look up on cooking.

high wizard eating cooked food boosting matk

Important tip: For more efficiency, pair these dishes & foods with Lightning Chain to maximize the effects during their duration.

Skill Build

Napalm Vulcan deals Ghost elemental damage, which means it deals double damage to Eggyras, also a Ghost type monster.

The sweet spot for Napalm Vulcan is around Lv 6-7. The lower the skill level the better because it costs more SP in higher levels.

Make sure to maximize other MAtk increasing methods first so you don’t have to pump Napalm Vulcan to levels 8-10.

napalm vulcan skill ragnarok mobile eternal love

Then, you’ll want to max Magic Power, Energy Coat, and SP Recovery.

Priest Buffs

Finally, if you’re still a little short on magical damage to one-hit kill those Eggys, your last option is to get a Priest to buff you with Blessing and Magnificat. You’ll want this last since it’s a bit inconvenient and so you don’t have to share the exp and zeny (unless you don’t mind).



There is no one-size fits all method, no secret formula and no magic number in order to one-shot Eggyras. You just have to find the perfect combination of methods based on your preference, playstyle, available resources and luck.

Once you’re all set, pick a spot in Payon Cave 1F and start whacking those Eggyras and earn up to almost a million Zeny (including loots) per day!

How did you achieve one hit Eggyra kills and at what level? Share your builds in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “How to One Hit Eggyras and Farm Lots of Zeny

  1. Thanks for the guide…and for your hardwork.
    I have another question though until what level do you think we can efficiently farm at eggyra? because im concerned about the drop penalty. And if so where could I farm next?

    1. Probably Lv 80-ish. Next farming areas would be Orcs (use Fire Bolt), Anolians (use LoV), or Stings (use Meteor Storm).

    1. Napalm Vulcan deals Ghost damage which means more damage to Eggyras (also Ghost type, see Elements Guide here). They have low HP as well so it’s really easy to one-shot them. Fast/instant kills = more zeny and loots. Finally, they give decent EXP for their HP. (The more EXP per 1 HP, the better.)

  2. Great 👍

    Hi can also please do create guide for assasin cross dagger type and whitesmith best build too please
    More power!

    1. hornets efficient till level 58, then farm dustiness with magic crasher until you transform into highwiz. allocate 6 points to napalm and 10 ampli magic. go to eggyras then.

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