Ragnarok M New Server: What You Need to Know About “Midnight Party”

Ragnarok Mobile eternal Love new server

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love just unveiled a surprising news—a new server called “Midnight Party” will soon be available for SEA players!

A lot of players might be confused what this might mean. This guide will try to clear things out!

Here’s everything you need to know about Midnight Party—the new Ragnarok Mobile server.

New Server for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

In a recent announcement, Ragnarok Mobile will be releasing a new server.

What does this mean? Is SEA/Global server dying? Are they going to leave the old servers? What is happening?!

Don’t worry—everything is fine!

In fact, this “parallel server” feature is already existing in the China server! They call it Dream Sky and it’s similar to what is happening now to SEA and probably Global in the future.

How to switch from old server to new server Ragnarok Mobile

Once the new parallel server is live, there will be a dropdown UI where you can choose to enter the old or new server.

The Story behind the New Server

Speaking in Ragnarok Lore terms, the concept is that Satan Morroc’s apprearance caused a disruption in the Time Space Continuum.

Satan Morroc Ragnarok Mobile eternal love new server

After Satan Morroc is defeated, a new rift portal is opened which leads to a new parallel world—the new server!

Players in Old and New Servers can interact with each other

The Devs from China server already confirmed their goal for these parallel servers.

In the future, players across different servers will be able to interact with each other.

So, players from old and new server can see each other in a town, chat, mentor, or do instances like Rifts and Endless Tower!

Here are the list of features that will be shared and independent of each server.

List of features to be shared for Ragnarok Mobile new parallel servers

Not shared across parallel servers:

  • Trading House
  • War of Emperium (GvG)
  • 6 vs. 6 Team PvP (released on EP5.0)
  • Field Monsters and MVP Boss

Shared across parallel servers:

  • Current episode content
  • Linked City/Town
  • Chat
  • Mentoring
  • Time Rift, Endless Tower, etc

This is still in progress and even in China server, this feature is not yet fully implemented.

Just to be clear, “different server” means the old server and parallel server of the same region. So, this doesn’t mean that SEA players can interact with Global or vice versa.


Should you join or move to the new server?

So the question now is, should you join the new server or not?

Here are some points to consider.

1. Episode 5.0 Content — All 3rd Job Classes and New Pet System

Apparently, the new server will feature EP 5.0 content that are yet to come to the existing servers (currently at EP 4.0). Check out our full guide to Episode 5.0 content here.

All 3rd Job Classes including Sage, Bard and Dancer, will be available on the new server.

Sage, Bard and Dancer classes are the three last job classes that are still not available on the current servers.

All 3rd job classes Sage Bard Dancer will be available in new server

Another EP 5.0 feature that’s available on the new server is the new pet system.

This still needs to be confirmed, but we’re assuming 15 new pets will be added that can be captured using taming items, while 10 other pets can be obtained through Pet Fusion, a new feature where you can combine 2-3 pets into a more powerful one.

Again, refer to our guide to Episode 5.0 for the complete list of pets and Pet Fusion mechanics.

2. New Server = Fresh Start

If you are one of the following:

  1. A veteran ROM player who feel left behind and want to start from scratch
  2. A newcomer planning to start playing ROM but are discouraged by old players who are already maxed out

Then you should definitely join the new server!

Novice beginner guide Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran player who wants a fresh start, now is your chance to be able to compete with other players in PvP, War of Emperium or MVP Hunts.

3. Better Server Peformance (hopefully)

With the new server, if a huge percentage of the player base will move to the new server, it will lessen the load on the old servers and hopefully improve the existing lag issues!

In general, the whole population of existing ROM players will be divided into several servers. So naturally, we expect an improvement for all servers. Our fingers are crossed!

How to Join the New Server

If you are convinced to join the new server, you can pre-register on this link:


New Server Pre-Register Rewards

Whether you’re planning to move to the new server or not, here’s great news!

Pre register rewards for the new server

All players (old & new server) will get these rewards, depending on how many will pre-register:

  • Pre-Registered 20K: 10 Hot Dish, 10 Poring Growth Panacea
  • Pre-Registered 100K: 300 Adventurer Meat Ball, 500 Eden Coin
  • Pre-Registered 200K: 10 Guild Gifts, 10 Gold Medal
  • Pre-Registered 300K: 30 Big Cat Voucher II, 600 Colorful Shell,and “Book of Memory”
  • Pre-Registered 500K: 30 Big Cat Voucher I, 120 Big Cat Voucher Feast, and”Autumn Poring Badge”

Headwear Book of Memory and Autumn Poring Badge are exclusive to the new server.


What do you think about Midnight Party, the new Ragnarok Mobile server?

Are you going to move or not? Comment your thoughts down below!

23 thoughts on “Ragnarok M New Server: What You Need to Know About “Midnight Party”

      1. Maybe no one make games for free but cash grabbing is different from just trying to make a profit out of a game. There’s a lot of games out there where cash items do not give significant impact in the game and they are just pure cosmetics etc, but it’s not the case for RO mobile simply because the publisher want to earn quick and more profit out of the players.

        1. Tbh, its better that way, they’ll make money, we’ll be able to enjoy more crafty updates.. if everything’s free, how would the game people gonna live their life? With biscuits?

          1. What an idiot.

            You think that this company is just trying to make make ends meet and that they will decide to buy a better server to host the game if they earn more? Rofl. You think the update is because they are earning more? Ahahahaha..

            Let me tell you, I worked on a game company before and most of the reason why we rushed an update is due to decrease of players population. The reason for our update most of the time is to keep the players interested because for a mobile game players tend to quit once they get bored of repeating same things.

            Oh and a single whale is enough to pay the cost of running the server. In fact if you played enough mobile games, some game open hundreds of server just to milk more profit from players who wanted a fresh start and get ahead of other. ahahaha

  1. So parang RO sa PC na may mga server lang, eh pano po yung mga event na natapos na like yung ultraman etc mauulit pa ba yun dito?

  2. i thnk its better to start at the very first episode like the SEA server… previous events where very helpful in making ur char more competitive…and i thnk most of the late gamers in SEA server will move to this new server for this reason….i mean complete new….

  3. instead of dividing the population, why don’t you just upgrade the old server host?
    so every player in WOC/WOE/ETC can experience no LAG?
    you haven’t fixed some bugs in old servers too.
    plus so many Agit in old server is vacant. why the fck u planned to divide the population?
    note: you want every player to interract but you’re making new server to divide the population? no fcking sense right?
    it’s too obvious that you just want more money.

    it’s ok to create a new server but please upgrade the old server host. LOL

  4. Whoever doesn’t see this game as a cash grab must be a complete idiot.
    Sure they update to keep people interested, mainly for those who play alot and whale much.

    I love my money, and rather spend it elsewhere.

    Thank you velly much for your time…

  5. Auction kills the game…

    Do not even play this game it’s just a waste of time and money. ( “played for 6 months” and i fully regret start playing this game )..

  6. It is up to you if you spend money or not. But please if you can’t spend money or if you can’t afford it then just shut up and quit playing, developers know how to make money, don’t be jealous to them. After all people who complaints a lot are those who don’t have a coin in their pocket.

  7. kinda confused by the parallel world….does that mean I can chose to stay in the old server and still have the new EP? or I am forced to join the new server and invest again…..

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