[EP 5.0] Guide to Weapon Synthesis

Guide to Weapon Synthesis in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 5

Episode 5.0 will introduce a lot of new content and features to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, including Weapon Synthesis.

Read this guide to know what Weapon Synthesis is, how it works, and the list of materials needed to upgrade your weapon to the next level.

What is Weapon Synthesis in Ragnarok Mobile?

Weapon Synthesis will be introduced to Ragnarok Mobile on Episode 5.0.

It’s a new method to upgrade your weapons by combining a base weapon with extra weapons and some materials.

Weapon Synthesis is very similar to upgrading and enchanting but with better overall stats and effects.

Weapon Synthesis NPC in Ragnarok Mobile

The new synthesized version of the base weapon will have increased stats based on the original weapon, as well as some bonus effects taken from the other weapons used as materials.

Basically, this will be the new end-game gears for players in EP 5.0.

Requirements for Weapon Synthesis

Weapon Synthesis sounds so exciting and all, but it comes with an expensive price tag.

To synthesize your weapon, you’ll need three requirements:

  1. Base Weapon that you want to upgrade
  2. Extra weapons to be used as materials
  3. Raw materials

Weapon Synthesis usually requires several End-tier upgraded weapons, a 3rd job exclusive weapon, and tons of raw materials including MVP drops.

Weapon synthesis window Ragnarok Mobile

It will take lots of dedication and patience to do it, but the result will be worth it—the most powerful version of your base weapon with added effects based from the secondary weapon materials.

Check out the Synthesis section of this spreadsheet for the complete list of materials and recipes.

Here are some rules regarding the requirements for Weapon Synthesis:

  • Broken & Enhanced weapons cannot be used as materials
  • Weapons with card inlays cannot be used as materials
  • You can use 1-Slot extra weapons to synthesize a 2-Slot base weapon

How to do Weapon Synthesis

Once you’re ready to do Weapon Synthesis, just go to Aldebaran and talk to the Violet NPC in the middle.

Weapon synthesis in Aldebaran in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The weapon synthesis window will appear where you can select the requirements and materials needed.

Base Weapon’s Refine and Enchants are retained

When Synthesizing weapons, the Refinement levels and Enchantments of the base weapon are retained.

The extra weapon requirements will be used as materials and will therefore disappear forever, including their refines and enchantments.

Base Weapon’s Slots are retained

The slots of the base weapon will also be retained after Weapon Synthesis.

So synthesizing a two-slot weapon will not turn it into a one-slot weapon.

There will be separate tabs for one-slot and two-slot items, so you can synthesize them separately.

How to Repair or Safe-Refine a Synthesized weapon

To repair a broken Synthesized weapon, you only need a regular version of the base weapon, not the Synthesized version.

The same goes for safe refining, you’ll only need the regular base weapon.

How to safe refine a synthesized weapon in Ragnarok Mobile How to repair a synthesized weapon in Ragnarok Mobile

How do I slot the new Synthesized weapon?

We don’t have information for this yet. But we do know that you won’t need 10 copies of the Synthesized weapon.



Weapon Synthesis is a new feature that lets you craft your end-game weapons. It comes with a hefty price tag but it’s worth every zeny!

Are you looking forward to Weapon Synthesis when Episode 5.0 is released? Which weapon are you going to synthesize?

Drop a comment down below!

Credits: u/ecrunale, EP5.0 Spreadsheet contributors, Ragnarok Mobile Guide Chinese & SEA Server FB Page

13 thoughts on “[EP 5.0] Guide to Weapon Synthesis

  1. how about slotting a synthesized weapon, do we need a synthesized one or just the base weapon only?

  2. ooh finally an upgrade for my spearfish pike
    will my holy cross build RG get revmped? cant wait to find out

  3. will the effect of base weap together with other equips retain if the base weapon got synthesized? example: lance of dragon tamer + eod = 3% atk, if the tamer got synthesized, will the effect still work?

  4. Hi. Can you make Blood Tear as base weapon for Assassinator Katar or is it just locked in Agent Katar?

  5. Can the synth / synth mats be transfered?
    my current weapon.. magic 2 (4th enchant) synthesized.
    then in the future I snap a staff with magic 4 so obviously this is better,
    – can I transfer the materials used on my magic 2 (like restoring using stove)
    – or must I synth the new one again?

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