How to Trade Gems for Spring Symphony [Spring Festival – Carnival]

Spring Festival Carnival Yowloo NPC in Geffen trade gems for Spring Symphony

“Spring Symphony” is the current event token for the Goblin Spring Festival event in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for the month of April.

One of the ways to obtain Spring Symphony is by delivering gems—Aquamarine, Amethyst, Zircon, and Topaz—to Yowloo NPC during the Carnival event. Here’s how to do it.

How to trade Gems for Spring Symphony

Go to Yowloo NPC in the left side of Geffen.

Spring Festival Carnival Yowloo NPC in Geffen trade gems for Spring Symphony copy

Talk to him to open the shop where you can buy Spring Symphony using gems like Amethyst, Zircon, Aquamarine and Topaz as currency.

You can get 4 Spring Symphony for 8 pcs of Gems.

The gems that you can trade will be random per day. For example, you might get Topaz & Zircon today, and Aquamarine & Amethyst tomorrow, etc.

You can redeem lots of great rewards from the Spring Symphony shop such as a card, Mora coins and exp potions.

Spring Symphony Shop Goblin Celebration event


Spring Symphony Purchase Limit

You can only trade up to 10 times per day for each gem, for a total of 80 Spring Symphony per day.

Trade gems for Spring Symphony in Geffen Yowloo NPC

The event runs for 5 days, so you can get a total of 400 Spring Symphony throughout the event.


How many Gems you need to buy all Spring Symphony

To get all 400 Spring Symphony, you’ll need:

  • 8 pcs Gems x 10 daily limit x 2 Gem types = 160 Gems per day
  • 160 Gems per day x 5 day event = 800 Gems total

At the time of writing, the Gem’s estimated costs are:

Gem Cost
Aquamarine 2,500z
Topaz 3,200z
Amethyst 4,600z
Zircon 10,000z
Average 5,000z

At an average cost of 5,000, you’ll need an estimated total of:

5,000 zeny x 800 Gems = 4,000,000 Zeny to buy all 400 Spring Symphony over 5 days.

The prices might fluctuate a bit though as players will rush to buy the gems. Also your total spending will vary depending on what Gems you get for the day.


Zeny Cost of 1 Spring Symphony

Using the individual Gem costs, we can estimate the cost of 1 piece of Spring Symphony (SS) based on the random Gem requirement:

Gem Gem Cost Cost of 1 Spring Symphony (Gem Cost x 8 / 4 SS)
Aquamarine 2,500z 5,000z
Topaz 3,200z 6,400z
Amethyst 4,600z 9,200z
Zircon 10,000z 20,000z
Average: ~10,000z

Use this table to determine if it’s worth it to buy the Spring Symphony.

For example, 1 Mora Coin costs around ~100,000z since it costs 10 Spring Symphony

But if you only trade using Aquamarines, the cheapest gem, then 1 Mora Coin will only cost 50,000z.


Where to Get Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz and Zircon

If you don’t want to spend Zeny and buy the Gems from the exchange, here are other methods on where to farm them.

Pet Adventure

Rare chests from Pet Adventure will drop these gems depending on the location. For example, Payon chests will give you Amethyst since mobs in Payon drop Amethyst.

Payon Pet Adventure Ragnarok Mobile eternal love

Check out our guides for tips & tricks on Pet Adventure:

Monster Drops

This is a bit difficult to do since only Star mobs and MVP/Mini-Bosses drop these gems.

Check out the following ROGuard pages to see which mobs drop which gem and where to find them:

Lucky Shop

lucky shop ragnarok mobile eternal love

The last method is also the easiest and cheapest but like the shop name suggests, it’s based on your luck.

Gems usually show up at the Lucky Shop so make sure to check it everyday and buy them using Eden Coins.


Credits: Images from CN Server by Cerulean Blues

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