How to Clear Goblin Rescue Operation Quest (Unwanted Guest)

Goblin Rescue operation guide

The Goblin Rescue Operation (a.k.a. Unwanted Guest) is a dungeon quest in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, as part of the Goblin Spring event.

You’ll get Spring Symphony and some more rewards such as Valkyrie’s Gift and Gold Medals.

Here’s how to finish the quest to redeem the rewards.

How to start the Goblin Rescue Operation Quest

Talk to Yula Goblin Wizard Lord NPC at 9 o’ clock in Geffen town to start the Goblin Rescue Operation.

Talk to Yula Goblin Wizard Lord NPC in Geffen to start the Goblin Rescue Operation

How to clear the Goblin Rescue Dungeon

You’ll be transported in to the dungeon. You’ll notice some witches/Bathory flying around. Do not kill the Bathory and stay out of their range, indicated by the red circle. If they see you they’ll chase you and kill you in 1 hit.

Open next construct in goblin rescue operation 2

The quest is very straight forward. Just follow the markers in our map below and avoid the Bathories.

Here’s an overview of all the markers in the map:

Goblin Rescue operation map guide


Step 1: Open Main Channel Construct

The first step is easy, just walk to the left and pull the lever. Watch out for the Bathories in patrol.

Step 2: Go to the Dungeon Depths

Next, go to the middle and walk up the stairs. Click “Observe.”

Step 3: Open Next Construct

For the third marker, you’ll have to go to the right side of the map. There will be two Bathory guarding in front, however there’s a little opening on the left staircase. You can go down here, then walk around to reach the lever. (Refer to our map above)

Open next construct in goblin rescue operation 2

Open next construct in goblin rescue operation 3

Step 4: Find the Kidnapped Goblin

Finally, go up to the top-right most corner of the map and you’ll rescue the Goblins.

Find the Kidnapped Goblin final step in Goblin Rescue Operation

You’ll get 30 Spring Symphony plus some other reward such as Gold Medal or Valkyrie’s Gift. On my first attempt, I got one Gold Medal.


How to Get More Spring Symphony

Throughout the Goblin Spring event for April, a currency called Spring Symphony will be rewarded through events and daily quests. This currency can redeem items from Spring Symphony shop such as a card, Mora Coins, Oracle Dust and exp potions.

Spring Symphony Shop Goblin Celebration event

The Goblin Rescue Operation is only one method to obtain Spring Symphony. Check out our full guide on how to get more Spring Symphony and how many you need to redeem all prizes.

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  1. i got a mastela seed to come along with spring symphony for the reward.. tried to kill the first witch i ran into.. lol.. seems that you can take this quest only once per account.. and it ddnt matter if you choose your alt to do it.. fortunately i used my alt ws and with high movespeed, i finished the quest in a breeze..

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