Guide to War of Crystals (WoC) / GvG Final Battle

GvG Final Battle War of Crystals WoC Guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The GvG Final Battle, a.k.a. the War of Crystals (WoC), has finally come to Ragnarok M: Eternal Love!

This is a new event similar to War of Emperium where Guilds fight a “Final Battle” after the Sunday night GvG war.

Here’s a complete guide on everything you need to know about GvG Final Battle/War of Crystals (WoC).


What is GvG Final Battle / War of Crystals?

The Final Battle/War of Crystals (WoC) is a Guild vs. Guild event similar to War of Emperium.

War of Crystals GvG Final Battle Ragnarok Mobile

For brevity, I’m just going to call it War of Crystals or WoC from now on since it’s a more popular name at the moment.

War of Crystals Event Schedule

The War of Crystals happens every Sunday night 9:30–10:00 PM GMT+7 after the WoE.

Note for PH players: Just add 1 hour to convert to PH time GMT+8.


How to Join War of Crystals


Here are the requirements to join the War of Crystals:

1. Castle 1 holder (Prontera 1, Geffen 1, Payon 1 or Aldebaran 1)

2. Achieve a “Perfect Defense” during WoE before 9:25 PM

To achieve Perfect Defense, your agit’s Emperium must not take any damage for 15 minutes straight. Check out our War of Emperium Guide to learn more.

How to Start

If your Guild is qualified for the event, at 9:27 PM, a portal will appear at the top of your Guild Hall.

Enter this portal to warp to the War of Crystals field.


Objective of War of Crystals

In WoC, four (4) Guilds will fight against each other in a “capture the flag” type of war.

The objective is to gain 5 Crystals as fast as you can. All Guilds start with 1 Crystal.

War of Crystals GvG Final Battle gameplay screenshot

How to Obtain Crystals

  1. Occupy center Crystal = 2 Crystals
  2. Occupy 2 side Crystals = 1 Crystal each
  3. Kill 4 MVPs that spawn in North/South area = 1 Crystal

How to Win War of Crystals

There are three methods to win the event:

  1. First Guild to collect 5 Crystals = Instant Win!
  2. If no Guilds can collect 5 Crystals, they will be ranked from highest to lowest number of Crystals
  3. If it’s a tie, the Guilds who collected more Crystals first will rank higher

You’ll get rewards based on your ranking.

You will have to protect your own base too, as it can be attacked by other guilds 3 mins after the war starts. If it is broken, you’ll lose 1 Crystal.

Breaking other Guild’s bases won’t give you 1 Crystal, however it’s a good strategy to make them lose Crystals so they have a lesser chance of winning.


War of Crystals Mechanics

At the start of the war, all Guilds will be positioned randomly in one of the four corners of the map: upper-left, upper-right, lower-left or lower-right.

If you die, you will instantly respawn in your Guild’s base.

The rest of the mechanics are similar to WoE. Check out this guide for more details: Ultimate Guide to War of Emperium


Rewards for Joining War of Crystal

Related Guide: List of War of Emperium Rewards

After the war, each participant will receive a score, and the average of these scores will determine each guild’s ranking. Ranked from low to high, they will be Team Star, Team Moon and Team Sun.

Based on their ranking, the Guilds will receive different amounts of God’s Coin, Honor Proof, Praying Card Pack, etc. The amount of rewards will also be dependent on the total number of points obtained.

Here are the amounts of rewards based on Immortal MBCG’s video:

Top 1:

Top 2:

  • 80 WoC / GvG Coins

Top 3 & 4

  • None


New Guild Headwear Workshop

After building the Headwear Workshop, you may unlock the Headwear Artifact NPC.

War of Crystals GvG Final Battle Ragnarok Mobile God Coin artifact rewards

Upgrading the facility will increase the total number of Headwear Artifacts that can be owned, whether of the same or different types.

In the new GVG Store, you may trade God’s Coin for Headwear Artifact Shards.


Credits: Infinite Cross YouTube Channel, Immortal MBCG, ROM FB Page

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